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Accelerate Global Layout! XCMG Has Another Son in Europe

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  Recently, XCMG has established another subsidiary in the central European country of Hungary. PJ Company of Hungary has successfully partnered with XCMG to become a local partner, which will play a positive role in improving XCMG's European network layout and accelerating its deep cultivation in the markets of Hungary and surrounding countries.



  At the celebration ceremony, Liu Jiansen, Vice President of XCMG Machinery and General Manager of XCMG Import and Export Company, congratulated PJ Company on becoming XCMG's distributor in Hungary. As the bridgehead of Europe's green strategy, Hungary and XCMG will continue to promote the implementation of XCMG's green innovation and development concept through the strong network of PJ Company in this cooperation. We hope that both sides will work together to create excellent results.


  Potik Laszlo, General Manager of PJ Company, stated that at the just concluded 2022 BMW Show in Munich, Germany, PJ Company was fortunate enough to become a distributor of XCMG Hungary. Leveraging XCMG's global brand influence, PJ Company has received over 30 equipment orders at the show. With the recovery of the global economy and the development of Hungary's construction industry, PJ Company will fully utilize its influence, gradually improve and perfect its channel network, and work together with XCMG to breathe, share a common destiny, and grow together.


  In recent years, XCMG has continued to implement its main internationalization strategy, strengthening sales and service network construction in various European countries, deeply cultivating the market, providing attentive services, and relying on XCMG's European R&D center, XCMG's European procurement center, XCMG's Polish factory and other layouts, effectively assisting XCMG's deep expansion in Europe.

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