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First time! Debut! XCMG excavator ignites and explodes at XCMG intersection

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 The 2024 China (Xuzhou) International Construction Machinery Fair opened grandly at the Huaihai International Expo Center in Xuzhou. The theme of this exhibition is "To Xuzhou, Sell Global", with over 3000 well-known enterprises participating. XCMG Digging Machinery made its debut with more than ten popular products, attracting many viewers to stop and observe, making it extremely popular.


Hardcore National IV makes its debut

 The "National IV" standard for non road mobile machinery will be implemented nationwide. XCMG excavators will closely follow the market, take the lead, and launch G-series excavators that meet the "National IV" emission standards.


On site, representative "National IV" new products including XE17U, XE26U, XE35U, XE60GA, XE75GH, XE205GH, XE335GK, XE600GK and others made their debut at the exhibition, showcasing XCMG's strong technological reserves and innovation capabilities to the industry.


 The XCMG G series excavators cover a full range of product types, including micro, small, medium, large, and wheeled excavators. After four years and more than 100000 hours of comprehensive assessment and verification, the entire machine is more reliable and durable. The G-generation platform is equipped with more advanced control technology, bringing customers lower fuel consumption, higher operational efficiency, and more intelligent operation methods. On site, customers came to the exhibition area to see the true appearance of the new product and experienced the ultimate performance of the G series through test drives.

The Green Pioneer is unstoppable

 For many years, XCMG excavators have been deeply involved in the field of electrification, focusing on the research and development of energy-saving products. They have been the first to launch a series of electric excavators and provide customers with green construction solutions.

At the exhibition, the XE215E and XE270E new energy products attracted the attention of many customers. The grand appearance and exquisite interior showcased XCMG's ultimate pursuit of quality and innovation.


  The XCMG E series electric excavators are equipped with multiple XCMG patented technologies, which can meet various conventional and extreme operation scenarios such as underground construction, plateau tunnels, mine loading and unloading, port terminals, metallurgical steelmaking, etc. They have many advantages such as long endurance, efficient operation, and comfortable operation. In the Sichuan Tibet Plateau at an altitude of 4400 meters, XE215E&XE270E have been continuously operating for 1700 hours, passing the rigorous test of the construction environment with extreme quality and receiving high praise from customers.


In addition to conventional models, several diversified products on site have also attracted the attention of many visitors with their unique appearances and novel shapes, becoming a beautiful scenery at the exhibition.



 At present, XCMG excavators have formed six new product categories, including forestry and pipe galleries. The rich product categories perfectly demonstrate XCMG's precise understanding of "customization" needs, bringing rich value returns to global users.


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