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Ready To Depart | Heavy Excavator From XCMG Guosi Mine

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  All 37-560kW (including 560kW) non road mobile machinery and its installed diesel engines produced, imported, and sold shall comply with the "National IV" emission standards. At that time, National IV products will enter everyone's sight and gradually become the new main force in mining. XCMG has the brand confidence of being a major player in the transition to the fourth tier of China.

 The overall fuel consumption has been significantly reduced, and the operational efficiency has been further upgraded

 The National IV emission standards have specific requirements for particulate matter, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides. Based on this, the engines equipped by XCMG have undergone further upgrades to the fuel system, improving fuel combustion efficiency and significantly reducing overall fuel consumption. At this point, users may be concerned about the performance of the National IV product market compared to the previous National III mining products. Let's take a look at the performance of XCMG's 70 ton, 80 ton, and 95 ton mining excavators.

  XE700GA (National IV), Xinjiang Aksu Standard 4.0 Rock Big Dipper, with an average daily attendance of over 20 hours, effective working time accounting for over 90%, and safe operation exceeding 4000 hours. Adopting a single pump dual circuit independent cooling system, achieving zero fan speed at low temperatures, low noise, and low fuel consumption. This National IV product has a 5% increase in operational efficiency, a 6% reduction in fuel consumption, and a 2% reduction in maintenance costs compared to the XE700DF (National III), making it a highly cost-effective mining excavator.


 XE800GA (National IV) has upgraded its hydraulic system, increasing operational efficiency by an additional 15%. It is equipped with a 5.6 rock bucket in Ordos, with an average daily attendance of over 21 hours and an effective working time of over 90%. The monthly production is 300000 cubic meters, with a fuel consumption of 0.1 per cubic meter, which is 12% lower than XE800D (National III). Maintenance costs have been reduced by 2%, making it a reliable expert in getting rich!


  XE950GA (National IV), with an average daily attendance of over 22 hours and an effective working time of over 92%, has been running reliably for 18 months. Compared with XE950DA (National III), it has improved operational efficiency by 6%, reduced fuel consumption by 4%, and reduced maintenance costs by 3%. A XE950GA mining excavator paired with two XDR80T mining dump trucks can fill one truck with 7 buckets, and it can fill two mining trucks in as fast as 5 minutes, achieving full efficiency.


  XCMG's national fourth mining products have been comprehensively upgraded. The performance parameters have been significantly improved, and the work efficiency has been greatly improved, receiving high praise from customers.

 Adopting DOC+DPF+SCR post-treatment device, multi-stage filtration purification of exhaust gas

  The exhaust components emitted by the engine contain particulate matter (PM), ammonia oxides (NOx), and hydrocarbons (HC). This post-treatment device can effectively reduce these exhaust components to below the emission standard limits. DOC, also known as oxidation catalyst, is installed at the outlet of the engine exhaust pipe and serves as a primary filter for exhaust gas. Its main function is to convert carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons (HC) in the engine exhaust into harmless water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2) through oxidation reactions.

  DPF, also known as diesel particulate trap, is used to adsorb particulate matter from exhaust gas, preventing direct discharge into the atmosphere and causing environmental pollution. Of course, the volume of DPF is limited. When the carbon particle capacity reaches the limit, it will be burned off through exhaust heating, which is also known as "regeneration". Unlike many host factories, XCMG's post-treatment equipment does not require shutdown or the addition of other sensors for monitoring. The engine will monitor in real time and select an appropriate time point for regeneration. The entire process occurs spontaneously, and users do not need to spend extra effort on manual maintenance of the post-treatment device, which is very convenient.

 SCR, also known as selective catalytic reduction device, mainly uses nitrogen oxides (NOx) in untreated exhaust gas. The working principle is simply to use selective catalytic reduction technology to inject urea solution into the exhaust gas under the action of post-treatment catalyst, reducing nitrogen oxides (NOx) to nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O).


 Optimization of post-processing framework, strengthening air convection, and avoiding high post-processing temperature

  Unlike the simple muffler exhaust system structure of National III products, National IV replaces it with a post-treatment assembly. Due to the large number of sensor wiring harnesses, the temperature requirements for post-treatment are also different. The urea nozzle and sensor in the post-processing device have high temperature requirements, and working in a high-temperature environment for a long time will greatly shorten their service life. XCMG National IV aircraft models have upgraded their post-treatment framework, strengthened the convection of air inside and outside the cabin, and controlled the post-treatment temperature within a reasonable range to protect the post-treatment device.


Add delayed shutdown and delayed power outage functions to protect the urea nozzle and post-treatment system

 The fourth product of China has added a delayed shutdown function, which means that the engine will work for an extended period of time before stopping when it is about to shut down. The purpose is to protect the urea nozzle and avoid its service life being affected by high temperature.

 The so-called delayed power outage refers to when the engine is about to stop working, it will pump the urea solution from the urea pipe and post-treatment device back into the urea tank. The pumping process will be accompanied by the indicator light turning on and off until the indicator light goes out, which is the end of the pumping process before the power can be cut off. The entire process lasts for 1-2 minutes, with the aim of protecting the post-treatment system and avoiding residual urea solution in the urea pipe, which may rupture due to cold weather.


More reasonable overall layout, dual online utilization of aesthetic space

The brand new XCMG National IV product features a newly added urea tank designed in the toolbox, making it convenient for users to add urea and for later inspection. At the same time, we have freed up enough space for users to store tools without worrying about occupying the toolbox space.


  The fuel system adopts a brand new simplified layout, with multiple clamps and positions for fixing each fuel pipe. The pipes are clear and layered.


 The cab adopts a brand new exterior and interior design, which provides better sealing and comfort compared to the original cab.


The post-processing system replaces the muffler and is arranged in the cabin, with a reasonable spatial layout and excellent coordination.

Add insulation sleeves to the exhaust bellows to prevent electrical component damage caused by high cabin temperature.


Over 7000 hours of on-site testing, ensuring safe operation

XCMG has deployed a large number of different models of National IV mining excavators in different regions and at different times. The longest working one has been running safely for over 7000 hours and is still in good condition, with "low fuel consumption," "ability to work," and "few malfunctions." Many customers have given XCMG's products high praise.


 XCMG mining excavators have adapted to the environmental requirements of different countries and regions. XCMG has always adhered to XCMG's product philosophy of "leading technology, never destroying use", and continuously optimized the overall performance of the machine. So far, XCMG has ranked third in the construction machinery industry, and its products have been exported to more than 191 countries and regions worldwide, deeply trusted by users.

 The well digger starts from a three inch ridge to reach a depth of ten thousand feet. The R&D team of XCMG mining excavators always adheres to the concept of "customer-centric", focuses on customer value needs, pursues excellent product performance, ensures high equipment output, low fuel consumption, high reliability, low maintenance costs, etc., and helps maximize profits. XCMG fully responds to the national environmental protection concept, implements the blue sky defense war with practical actions, safeguards green waters and mountains, continuously promotes product technology upgrades with higher standards, provides the best products and services to customers, and continues to write a new chapter in the high-quality development of XCMG's mining machinery in the era of the Fourth National Congress!

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