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XCMG 650 ton CRAWLER CRANE QUY650 with good price FOR SALE

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Product Description

The QUY650 crawler crane has mature application of key technologies such as superlift control, dual winch synchronous control, hydraulic anti backtilt control of the lifting arm, and dual waist rope lifting arm, with super strong lifting performance. The ultra long main and auxiliary lifting arms, as well as a wide range of working condition combinations and counterweight combinations, are suitable for different construction sites and meet user requirements to the greatest extent possible. The pump controlled variable hydraulic system is closely integrated with the electric proportional operation system, combined with the German program control system, making the entire operation and control system energy-efficient, precise control, and safe operation. The power transmission components of internationally renowned brands are environmentally friendly and reliable. The comfortable operating environment, installation of automatic positioning devices, threading technology, and German centralized lubrication system reduce labor intensity and reflect the humanization of the design. The use of modular component design and self disassembly technology makes product transportation more convenient and economical.


Crane Type
Crawler Crane
Max Lifting Capacity
650 ton
Standard working condition - Heavy boom length
24-84 m
Standard working condition - Light boom length
66-102 m
Standard working condition - Fixed Jib length
12-36 m
Standard working condition - Tower attachment length
24-84 m
Standard superlift working - Heavy boom length
36-96 m
Standard superlift working - Light boom length
90-138 m
Standard superlift working - Fixed Jib length
12 m
Standard superlift working - Tower attachment length
24-96 m
Max. single line hoisting speed( with no load,at 6th layer)
130 m/min
Max. single line speed for boom elevating system(with no load,at 6th layer)
58×2 m/min
Max. single line speed for tower attachment elevating system(with no load,at 6th layer)
115 m/min
Max. single line speed for sideways superlift elevating system (with no load,at 6th layer )
115 m/min
Swing speed
0.65 r/min
Mean ground pressure
0.146 MPa

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