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-20 ℃, 20 XCMG Pure Electric Loaders Delivered To Customers

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At the beginning of the Spring Festival of the the Year of the Loong, 20 XC958-EV pure electric loaders of XCMG gathered rapidly in the northwest coal base of China, ushered in a good start and delivered to customers in the heavy snow of minus 20 ° C.

Since its launch, XCMG pure electric loaders have been favored by customers in industries such as steel, coal, ports, and logistics for their outstanding operational performance and energy-saving performance, thanks to their unique "three motor" technology solution.


The rigorous challenge from -30 ° C to 40 ° C

The local temperature fluctuates greatly throughout the year, ranging from severe cold below -30 ° C to extreme heat above 40 ° C. The harsh natural environment poses a high challenge to the environmental adaptability of loaders.

Therefore, at the beginning of the customer's procurement, it was proposed that in order to achieve efficient transportation of local coal production, the primary condition is to ensure 24-hour full load operation throughout the year.


In the face of extreme cold and heat, XCMG's pure electric loader is equipped with a battery thermal management system controlled by BMS, which has stable performance, safety and reliability, and meets the characteristics of the local working environment in extremely cold winter, high temperature in summer, and large temperature difference between day and night. It is a high-quality athlete for the big dry charge.

At the same time, in conjunction with the LCD touch screen, the temperature of the battery, motor, and controller is monitored, and the device status is controlled in real-time.

Excellent quality withstands tests

Delivery site, coal logistics center covered in heavy snow, soil not hardened. The high-intensity operations on this road surface test the heavy-duty performance and walking ability of the loader.

The XC958-EV adopts a series dual motor walking drive technology, which is driven by two motors to drive the front and rear drive axles respectively. The two motors are connected through a transmission shaft, and the power coupling transmission is matched with XCMG's self-made reinforced drive axle. The load-bearing capacity is increased by 10%, presenting stronger heavy-duty performance and walking ability.

In terms of working equipment, the XC958-EV adopts a Z-shaped reverse six link structure with a single rocker arm, short pull rod, and horizontal boom cylinder, which has low unloading impact and can provide superior operational performance and improve work efficiency, fully supporting the efficient operation of customer logistics centers.

Here, XCMG XC958-EV fleet transforms into a pioneer of Green Action, dedicating itself to the Western Development and building a beautiful China!

The user said, "New energy equipment is a powerful tool to assist the green transformation of the traditional energy industry. After in-depth research, XCMG has excellent technology, high level of intelligent manufacturing, and excellent service guarantee, making it a very reliable partner!"

Rooted in the market and deeply researched in engineering technology, XCMG loaders continuously draw momentum from the transformation and upgrading of the industry's "Five Modernizations". They intelligently create products that are user-friendly, functional, durable, and practical, and work together with customers to achieve success!

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