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  • Q XCMG 25-ton crane instruction manual

    A How to use a XCMG crane? XCMG's 25-ton crane is a high-performance, high-efficiency mechanical equipment designed and developed to improve work efficiency, reduce usage costs, and meet customer needs and expectations. Before using this equipment, it is recommended that you carefully read and follow the instructions and safety measures in the instructions to ensure the safety of you and your colleagues.
    1. Equipment introduction
    The XCMG 25-ton crane is a truck-type crane made of high-quality steel and composed of a mobile chassis, a rotating bracket, a telescopic arm, and a lifting device. The crane adopts a hydraulic control system and is equipped with international famous brand hydraulic components. It can realize various working methods such as lifting, grabbing, and clamping. It is widely used in construction fields such as buildings, roads, railways, bridges, etc. It is a trustworthy crane. Construction machinery and equipment.
    2. Equipment installation and debugging
    Before installing and debugging the equipment, you need to follow the following guidelines:
    (1). Make sure that the installation site meets the shape and size requirements of the equipment and that the ground is flat and hard.
    (2). Before installation, first check whether all parts of the crane and chassis are complete and not damaged, and carefully check whether the hydraulic oil circuit, wires and mechanical structure are normal.
    (3). Before installing and debugging the equipment, please refer to the diagrams and instructions in the manual to perform wiring, adjustment, and hydraulic oil filling in the correct order.
    (4). Before starting the equipment, relevant safety checks need to be carried out and various parameters adjusted as required to ensure normal operation of the equipment.
    (5). When debugging the equipment, please do it in an open space, and gradually adjust functions such as lifting, movement, and rotation as required to ensure the stability and flexibility of the equipment.
    3. Equipment use and maintenance
    Before the equipment is officially used, please carry out necessary training and guidance, and strictly abide by the following safety measures:
    (1) Carry out operations strictly in accordance with the equipment load range and working conditions, and carry out reasonable counterweighting when necessary to ensure the safety, stability and coordination of the crane.
    (2)During lifting and hoisting operations, please carefully abide by the operating procedures and master parameters such as weight, position, and speed to gradually improve your skills and experience.
    (3) When using the crane, please regularly check various hydraulic, mechanical and electrical components, and replace lubricating oil, filters and other wearing parts according to the instructions to extend the life of the equipment and improve work efficiency.
    (4) During the storage and transportation of the equipment, please pay attention to the maintenance, protection and packaging of the equipment to prevent damage to the equipment from external factors.
    In short, XCMG 25-ton crane is a piece of mechanical equipment with high safety, high reliability and high efficiency. Only when it is used and maintained reasonably, scientifically and standardizedly can its superior performance be better exerted. We believe that with your careful operation and management, this equipment can bring greater convenience and advantages to your work.

  • Q What‘s the difference between XE60A, XE60GA and XE60G-pro?

    A XE60A, XE60GA and XE60G-pro are all small crawler excavators produced by XCMG Excavator. So what are the differences between the three XCMG excavators? In terms of load capacity, these three machines are all 6-ton excavators with a bucket capacity of 0.23 cubic meters. As for the biggest difference, it is the engine. The XE60A uses a domestic Weichai engine, the XE60GA uses a Yanmar engine, and the XE60G-pro uses a Kubota engine.
  • Q Why XCMG is so popular in foreign market?

    A In recent years, the export sales of various types of construction machinery products have generally increased. Taking excavators as an example, according to statistics, 7,788 excavators were exported in October 2023, a year-on-year decrease of 14.9%; from January to October, 88,525 excavators were exported, a year-on-year decrease 1.04%. Although the data has dropped slightly, it is still at a high level overall. Among them, XCMG Machinery, as the leader in domestic construction machinery, is far ahead in sales, especially XCMG loaders ZL50GN, LW500FN, excavators XE215C, XE490DK, XE7000 and XDE440, etc., which are best-selling at home and abroad.
    So, why is XCMG Machinery so popular overseas? The main reasons are as follows:
    1. As a leader in the field of domestic construction machinery, Xugong has been deeply involved in foreign markets for many years, especially in the Philippines, Indonesia in Asia, East Africa such as Uganda and Tanzania in Africa, West African countries such as Ghana and Nigeria, and South American countries such as Peru, and has accumulated a lot of experience. Good reputation.
    2. With the advancement of technology, XCMG has broken world records many times, developed large-tonnage machinery, and has gradually become a world-renowned construction machinery provider.
    3. Super high cost performance. Compared with traditional European and American construction machinery providers such as Caterpillar, XCMG's products have a great price advantage, which is favored by developing countries.
    4. Gradually improving after-sales service. At present, XCMG has exported its products to more than 180 countries around the world, and has established after-sales service outlets and XCMG spare parts inventory in more than 100 countries. This effectively provides after-sales protection for XCMG users.

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