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“Always Reliable!” XCMG’s National IV Mining Excavator Performs Extremely Stably

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In the ravines surrounded by mountains in Saibei

The sound of ore colliding and machines roaring

came over and over again from afar

A XCMG XE950GA National IV mining excavator

Is waving my steel giant arm

Prying pieces of hard rock


  Since the switch to National IV for non-road vehicles, XCMG’s National IV mining excavators have taken the lead in the industry and have taken the lead in achieving mass sales in many places.

  When the person in charge of a certain mining area was asked about his feelings about XCMG XE950GA, the customer bluntly said: "Yes, very good, XCMG equipment has always been reliable!"


As the "star product" of the 95-ton large-scale mining excavator, XCMG XE950GA has an average daily attendance of more than 22 hours on a certain project, and has received constant praise from the local mine's "circle of friends".

The master who drives the equipment said: "In the mine, XCMG's XE950GA excavator paired with the XDR90T mining truck is a very mature complete set of construction solutions. The 45m³ mining truck container can be stacked in less than 2 and a half minutes. It is absolutely efficient. 'The King'."


  Since the advent of XCMG XE950GA, it has been tested in various extreme working conditions in China for more than 8,000 hours, and has been unanimously recognized by users. Compared with the previous generation XE950DA in actual mining, it has been significantly improved in terms of efficiency and fuel consumption.

  "XE950GA not only saves fuel, but also works faster!" said the person in charge of a mining project.


  It is worth mentioning that in response to the national "dual carbon" strategy, the XE950GA mining excavator has been upgraded with a high-emission engine and "DOC+DPF+SCR" post-processing technology. Compared with the XE950DA, a National III product of the same tonnage, the efficiency is improved. By 6%, the hourly fuel consumption has been reduced by 4%, the single fuel consumption has been reduced by 7%, and the use and maintenance costs are lower.

 "This equipment is very durable and saves me 70,000 yuan in maintenance costs every year. It is very economical." The person in charge of a mining area gave a true and objective evaluation.

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