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Another 20 Units! XCMG Pure Electric Loader Customer Places Additional Orders

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20 XCMG pure electric loaders

Line up in front of a steel factory in Hebei

The "EV" pattern is formed and is waiting for user review


This is the third batch delivery of XCMG pure electric loaders to this user, and the user currently owns nearly 60 XCMG new energy loaders, including 14 natural gas models, which are distributed in the front lines of various sections of the factory to serve as the main force and jointly build Steel green new ecological industry chain.

Excellent performance, continue to purchase

XCMG pure electric loaders are a series of electric-driven loader products launched by XCMG Group. These loaders use motors to control the travel system and hydraulic system to achieve pure electric, zero-emission operation.

XCMG's pure electric loaders are gradually replacing traditional diesel loaders and becoming the new favorite in the field of engineering machinery with their advantages of pure electric power, zero emission, cost-effectiveness, and innovative configuration.

In May 2021, the steel plant welcomed the first XCMG XC968-EV. It has now worked for more than 10,000 hours, and its efficiency has not decreased, winning recognition from users.

In 2022, XCMG pure electric loaders will be gradually introduced into each section of the steel plant to replace old equipment and carry out green upgrades. Equipment attendance and production efficiency have been effectively improved compared to the past. Now, the factory has welcomed 20 XCMG pure electric loaders in batches, injecting vigorous green momentum into the development of the industry and helping to achieve the "double carbon" goal as soon as possible.


"When the pure electric loader first arrived in the factory, it was a rare thing. Everyone didn't dare to try it. It had sensitive movements and fast acceleration and was not used to it. Now that they are used to it, they are all rushing to use it. It is really a leverage when it comes to work." I can’t let go of XCMG’s pure electric loaders.


"XCMG's technology in new energy products is obvious to all. The company has integrated green operation concepts into the entire production and operation process, and has become associated with XCMG in the exploration of green equipment."

"From the batch introduction of XCMG LNG natural gas loaders, to the replacement of old equipment to increase production capacity, the large-scale application of XCMG's fuel-fired models, to the green upgrade of pure electric vehicles. The strong operating performance and significantly reduced carbon emissions of XCMG products are all It makes us happy,” said the client.


Leading technology helps success

XCMG loaders have been deeply involved in the new energy sector for a long time. Since its global debut in 2010, the LNG natural gas loader has been deeply loved by users in steel, coal, mining, port logistics and other industries. Pure electric loaders also lead the industry's development direction with the industry's unique "three-motor" core technology.


The whole machine has no gearbox, and the traveling system and hydraulic system are directly controlled by the motor. Based on XCMG's independent power intelligent matching optimization technology, the vehicle's motor power, speed, torque, etc. are integrated intelligently controlled, combined with the intelligent thermal management system, energy Recycling, three-level fail-safe protection and other functions enable an intelligent, efficient and safe usage experience.


XCMG pure electric loaders continue to be delivered

"We need construction machinery brands like XCMG to continue to provide more efficient, more durable, and more environmentally friendly products to help the company develop." Carrying the ardent expectations of helping users achieve the "double carbon" goal, XCMG has accumulated a lot of experience in the new energy sector and has solid technical strength. , continue to export new energy engineering equipment in batches to help customers succeed.

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