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Bauma CONEXPO INDIA | XCMG made a wonderful appearance in New Delhi, India

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  Spring comes early when people are diligent, and it is the right time to make progress. Just after the New Year in the Year of the Rabbit, XCMG, China’s leading construction machinery company, went overseas with a variety of products to welcome the Spring Festival. From January 31st to February 3rd, it made a grand appearance at the Indian International Construction Machinery, Building Materials Machinery, Mining Machinery and Engineering Vehicles Exhibition (Bauma CONEXPO). INDIA).

  The exhibition has been held since 2011. It is an important part of the global bauma series of exhibitions of the Munich International Expo Group in Germany. It is jointly organized with the American Equipment Manufacturers Association, the organizer of the American Construction Machinery Exhibition (CONEXPO), and has now become a global construction machinery industry important exhibition and one of the largest construction machinery exhibitions in India and South Asia.


 The towering heavy utensils welcome the arrival of spring, and the iron arms lightly dance to welcome the guests. As the largest exhibitor at this year’s exhibition, XCMG and XCMG India Schwing have brought more than 30 models in 7 categories including excavators, loaders, cranes, road machinery, piling machinery, concrete machinery, and aerial work platforms, targeting the Indian market. Engineering machinery products are on display.

  The lighting and brilliance of the indoor exhibition hall, and the precision and magnificence of the outdoor exhibition hall made XCMG's booth instantly the focus of attention, attracting customers from all over South Asia for business negotiations and tastings.


  Nitin Jairam Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India, made a special trip to visit XCMG’s booth and fully affirmed XCMG’s outstanding contributions in infrastructure construction and localization cooperation in India.


  At this most important construction machinery exhibition in India and South Asia, six XCMG India-made excavator products particularly attracted the attention of local customers. Six models, including XE140I and XE215I, cover the entire product spectrum of small, medium and large excavators. After four years of assessment and verification, the performance of the entire machine is reliable and durable, and it can fully adapt to the needs of different local working conditions.


  XCMG XCT60_Y right-hand drive crane is in line with the South Asian usage environment. It has a waterproof and corrosion-resistant design, and its reliability and parts life have been greatly improved. With its product advantages such as low fuel consumption, super lifting performance, and automatic working condition planning technology, it has gained a large number of fans and customers on site.



  In addition, the XCMG grader GR1705 is intelligent, efficient, energy-saving and reliable, the Indian-specific rotary drilling rig XR210I is more stable and energy-saving and has outstanding efficiency, and the XGA16 articulating arm aerial work platform is famous for its flexibility and intelligence, with lifting capacity, control performance and The transportation requirements of the XGC45/XGC100A crawler crane meet the working conditions of South Asia... All XCMG products have many exhibition customers stopping and experiencing them. There is an endless stream of new and old customers who come to consult and negotiate. All exhibits on the first day of the exhibition It was sold out immediately, which shows how popular it is.


“We are XCMG loyal customer for quite few years. We are excited to know that XCMG built plant in India, which brings more job chance and helped for Indian economy.”


 "We have been loyal customers of XCMG for many years. We are very happy that XCMG is building a factory in India, which will bring more job opportunities and help India's economic development."

   Mr. Mohan.M, the largest customer in southern India, expressed his affirmation of the early fruits of XCMG’s local manufacturing at the exhibition site.


XCMG assists in the construction of India’s longest cross-sea bridge (MTHL)

  Since 2022, XCMG's batch equipment has been put into major local projects such as the Chennai Metro and India's Longest Cross-Sea Bridge (MTHL). XCMG has used high-quality products to accelerate project construction and help India build the project of the century. Having been deeply involved in the Indian market for more than 20 years, XCMG has exported more than 10,000 units of various construction machinery products to the country. These equipment are playing an important role in serving the construction of major local projects and benefiting the local people's better lives.


XCMG India Manufacturing and XCMG Schwing Plant


  After 25 years of local development, XCMG India Schwing has become the preferred brand of concrete machinery in the local industry. The XCMG Excavator India Manufacturing Factory established in 2017 has also achieved local mass production of 1.5-50 ton excavators locally.

  The marketing network system that integrates production, sales, service and spare parts and can cover the whole of India is helping XCMG take root and bear fruit in India. The international blueprint of radiating South Asia with India as the base is also constantly improving and undergoing great changes. .

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