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Be Practical And Practical! XCMG's Road Transformation And Upgrading Achieves Billions

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Practically and Practically Discussing Long Term Development, Transformation and Upgrading, and Creating a Billion Road Together - Recently, the 2024 XCMG Road Machinery Business Unit Semi annual Marketing Work Conference came to a grand conclusion at three major venues in Xuzhou, Tianjin, and Wuhan. The leadership team of the business unit, all sales personnel of the domestic business center, and sales and service leaders of distributors attended the meeting.


At the Xuzhou venue, Wang Feng, Deputy General Manager and Marketing Director of the Business Unit, presented the 2024 Semi Annual Marketing Work Report on XCMG Road.

Over the past decade, XCMG has been striving for innovation and innovation in product quality, customer relationships, system construction, industrial layout, and business models, constantly seeking more scientific and reasonable development paths. Under the changing development pattern of the industry, XCMG Road has made strategic adjustments and innovations in dimensions such as high-end customer public relations, leasing business models, and digital service transformation. Mr. Wang Feng encouraged all attendees to be practical and strive for progress while maintaining stability, and emphasized the "eight guarantees", pointing out clear work directions and requirements for the realization of the billion dollar road.


The domestic business center conducted a systematic review of various specific tasks in the first half of the year, analyzed existing problems, and proposed work measures. Each branch of the business unit has put forward work requirements for the operation of each company in the second half of the year.


Communication between business unit leaders and distributors.

Guo Chaohui, General Manager and Party Secretary of the Business Unit, delivered a concluding speech.

Mr. Guo pointed out that it is necessary to focus on team building, customer needs, channel construction, market activity, long-term orientation, innovation and innovation, etc. We should base ourselves on customers and the market, and achieve high-quality development.

He also listed the five key success factors for the current achievements of the business unit, and once again clarified the goals, vision, and mission of the business unit. Starting from the road ecological industry circle, he introduced eight strategic measures for current work. Finally, he required all marketing personnel to work hard, innovate and innovate, and distributor partners to be practical and upgrade, firmly believing in the bright road, confident road, glorious road, and brilliant road!


The second half of 2023 officially begins

The decisive victory of domestic road machinery

The team of the business unit is striving tirelessly

Dare to innovate and try

Dare to cross boundaries and break through

Work hard and work hard with one heart and one mind

Brave of difficulties and fight again!

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