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"Beautiful" New Zealand | XCMG's New Energy Products Look Good And Useful

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 New Zealand Prime Minister Aden (fourth from left) and client take a group photo in front of XCMG products

  Recently, at the 2022 Hamilton Agricultural Exhibition (Fieldays) in New Zealand, New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern, who visited the exhibition, gave high praise to XCMG's new energy products, praised XCMG's outstanding contributions to local economic development, and took a photo with customers in front of the XCMG E700 bottom plate modified milk tank truck. For a while, XCMG's new energy products once again became the focus of the entire exhibition.


  As the largest and most influential comprehensive international event in Oceania, this year's Hamilton Agricultural Exhibition in New Zealand was held in Hamilton, the third largest city on the North Island of New Zealand, attracting more than 4000 exhibitors and more than 100000 visitors.

  At the exhibition, XCMG exhibited more than ten equipment including excavators, loaders, and automobiles. Among them, XCMG's pure electric mining dump truck E700 and electric loader XC968-EV have received much attention.


In front of the customized XCMG E700 chassis modified milk tank truck from local customers in New Zealand, a large number of local dairy industry customers stopped to admire, engage in business negotiations, and take photos as a souvenir.

The XC968-EV, a pure electric loader from XCMG with high appearance and zero emissions, has also gained countless fans at the exhibition site due to its hard core strength of high power, high battery capacity, fast charging time, and high reliability.


 With XCMG's continuous deepening in the New Zealand market in recent years, XCMG's electric box type transport vehicle E300, pure electric mining dump truck E700 and other new energy products have been widely used in local mining development, logistics transportation, cleaning services and other industries.

 XCMG's new energy products, which are pollution-free and highly efficient, are highly favored by local customers. Taking E700 as an example, this model transports 600 tons per day and only uses 8% of the battery capacity. Compared to diesel trucks operating under the same conditions, it greatly saves customers' usage costs.


 In August 2021, New Zealand Minister of Transport Michael Wood test drove the XCMG E700 electric tractor

  The high attention in New Zealand is just a microcosm of XCMG's global sales of new energy products. In August, the latest pure electric mining vehicle XDR80TE from global mining giant Vale was delivered in bulk, galloping freely in mining areas in Brazil and Indonesia; In October, XCMG's new energy products made their debut at the BMW exhibition in Munich, Germany, sparking a wave of European customer attention that is still ongoing

 Aiming at the dual carbon goal, in the field of green new energy products, XCMG's electric vehicles, excavators, loaders, hybrid cranes and other categories of products are constantly innovating and exporting to various parts of the world. With excellent power performance, construction ability, and economy, they are widely favored by overseas customers.

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