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Boom! XCMG's "Big Man" Over 100 Million Yuan Sets Sail To The Sea

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 In 2023, at the beginning of the new year, all regions are working hard to promote development, and positive factors for the stabilization and recovery of China's economy are converging.

 On the morning of January 7, at the XCMG high-end intelligent crawler crane production base, dozens of XCMG crawler cranes with a total value of over 100 million yuan were lined up and shipped overseas in batches, fully demonstrating the strong development potential of China's leading construction machinery enterprises.


 At the launch ceremony, Liu Jiansen, vice president of XCMG Machinery and general manager of the import and export company, introduced that in recent years, XCMG crawler cranes have been recognized by more and more overseas customers for their high-quality hard core capabilities. The reputation of Oman's hoisting has become a legend in the industry.

 The new XCMG medium and large-tonnage crawler cranes exported this time are customized based on the needs of overseas customers and can fully adapt to hoisting work under various harsh working conditions. They will provide strong support for a large number of major infrastructure projects that will be intensively launched around the world in 2023. 


  In recent years, XCMG has focused deeply on the main strategy of "internationalization", improved product quality, and created more powerful safety protection and human-computer interaction systems among crawler cranes of the same type. Product assembly convenience, control comfort, and lifting performance have all been greatly improved. Improve to meet the diverse needs of global customers.


2,000-ton crawler crane helps build Bangladesh’s largest green fertilizer plant

In 2022, the export of XCMG crawler cranes will increase significantly. In major global projects such as the largest green fertilizer plant in Bangladesh, the Padma Bridge, and the Lekki Port, the largest deep-water port in West Africa, XCMG crawler cranes have played an important role in lifting the mountain. , excellent product performance, timely and thoughtful service, are favored by overseas customers.


The long queue of trains honking their whistles and starting off stretches for several miles, which is a spectacular sight. Dozens of crawler cranes carry the expectations of Xugong workers to build a beautiful home in the world, crossing mountains and seas, and embarking on another journey to help global customers succeed!

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