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"Carbon" Road Zhangjiajie, XCMG's Hundred Green Energy Pioneers Depart

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Recently, with the theme of "Green Energy Technology Blooming in Xiaoxiang", XCMG Automotive and its partners held a delivery ceremony for 100 new energy tractors in Zhangjiajie, providing new ideas for the green, intelligent, and convenient local logistics.

XCMG Automobile continues to deeply cultivate the market and intelligently research user needs, launching a series of new energy heavy-duty truck products that adapt to environmental protection and economic development. The products delivered this time are the flagship work of XCMG's E-Blue platform.

·Equipped with Ningde Times lithium iron phosphate battery, it has a long-lasting and durable battery life;

·The "three electric" technology ensures the safety of vehicle operation and charging and swapping;

·By applying cutting-edge technologies such as pneumatic locking mechanisms, optical positioning, and wireless communication, it is possible to achieve 3-5 minutes of rapid battery swapping and achieve "non-stop parking for people" full service transportation;

·The dual gun high current fast charging 500A solution allows for full battery life in less than 1 hour, meeting the diverse energy replenishment needs of users;

·The five speed energy recovery technology reduces vehicle costs for different road scenarios and brings practical benefits to users.


Adhering to the marketing service philosophy of "I put my heart into it, you can rest assured", XCMG Automotive's after-sales service team provides customers with attentive and follow through on-site services, testing the energy consumption of various road conditions and teaching the skills of using vehicles, allowing users to embark on a worry free "zero carbon dream journey" throughout the entire journey.

With the issuance of departure instructions, hundreds of new energy tractors have broken through the wind and contributed their zero carbon emission characteristics to become a strong driving force for the green, low-carbon, and high-quality development of Zhangjiajie.


Standing at the forefront of "greening" transformation and building up the wings of "product+service", XCMG Motors is soaring in the blue ocean of new energy commercial vehicles, interpreting responsibility and responsibility with actions. In the future, XCMG Automobile will work with friends from all over the country to draw the blueprint for a complete set of green transportation solutions, help accelerate the achievement of the national "dual carbon" goal, and contribute XCMG's strength to the construction of green ecological homes in more cities.

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