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Charging Capacity of over 10 Million Kilowatt Hours! Xugong New Energy Heavy Truck Energy Conservation And Emission Reduction in Progress

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638 days

Charging capacity of over 10 million kilowatt hours

Reduce CO ₂ emissions by approximately 8600 tons

Time series replacement, flourishing and setting sail

Between two years

Analysis of XCMG's New Energy Decoding

Accelerate the new journey towards energy conservation and emission reduction


  At the end of 2020, XCMG Automobile closely followed the development trend of new energy and launched the first urban new energy waste earth vehicle battery swapping operation demonstration project in China. The supporting XCMG battery swapping urban waste earth vehicle was delivered to Xuzhou Xinkun Intelligent Transportation Co., Ltd. on the spot.

  01 Explore password parsing and penetration

  A car carrying the potential for future development of new energy.

  "The original intention of R&D is very simple, it is to reduce the charging time of new energy vehicles." The R&D personnel explained the charm of battery swapping heavy-duty trucks with models. "At the battery swapping station, a new energy heavy-duty truck can be fully charged in 3-5 minutes, greatly improving the transportation efficiency of the vehicle."


  As the earliest enterprise to propose and independently develop a battery swapping heavy-duty truck solution, XCMG Automobile adopts a "vehicle electric separation" model to reduce customer purchasing costs, solve attendance anxiety and short battery life, and truly achieve an efficient transportation experience of "people parking non-stop".

  As of now, 60 XCMG electric waste dump trucks have been in operation for a total of 638 days, with a total operating mileage of 6.23 million kilometers and a charging capacity of over 10 million kilowatt hours. This is equivalent to saving 3 million liters of diesel, reducing CO ₂ emissions by about 8600 tons, and saving over 10 million yuan in vehicle operating costs.

  02 Continuously increasing data and the future

  Becoming a carbon decoder also requires dual dimensional efforts.

  As the first slag transportation company in the industry to enter the new energy battery swapping industry, the company fully utilizes the vehicle intelligent platform in the operation process, monitors the real-time driving status of XCMG's urban slag trucks for battery swapping, and conducts on-site analysis of the usage of charging and swapping stations. The efficient transportation mode of XCMG's new energy heavy-duty trucks is fully realized at this moment.


  The support of operational policies has further clarified the road ahead for urban construction. It is reported that new energy heavy-duty trucks in urban construction enjoy exclusive road rights in Xuzhou, and can operate at all times except for the designated peak hours in the morning and evening. They are not subject to air pollution control restrictions, and vehicle operation efficiency is gradually improving.


  Visualize data and annotate the steady progress of carbon reduction tasks in the transportation industry of Xuzhou; Intelligent emission reduction, leaving a scorching imprint on the development of XCMG's automotive new energy industry. For XCMG Automobile, cracking the development code for the future of new energy has spread to more than 70 cities across the country. Continuously providing customers with an environmentally friendly, efficient, and reliable transportation future will be a consistent commitment to implementing the "dual carbon" strategy and empowering green development.

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