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Construction of Tunnels and Underground Spaces

XCMG has carefully developed a complete set of special equipment for tunnel and underground space construction to form a complete set of construction solutions with free excavation section, high efficiency and good safety, and solve the environmental hazards and cost challenges brought by traditional construction methods.

XCMG XE400T tunnel excavator adopts high-pressure common rail fuel injection and exhaust gas recirculation technology, which meets the national three emission standards, low speed and high torque, strong power, strong and durable.

XCMG XTR series cantilever tunnel boring machine, with strong rock breaking capacity, high construction efficiency, equipped with dust removal, coil cable, intelligent safety protection and other functions, is widely used in all kinds of tunnels and mine roadway excavation.

XCMG TWZ series underground excavation trolley is a special equipment specially developed for underground excavation construction of subway tunnel engineering, and the products can be applied to soft soil, sand pebbles, weathered rock and other formation operations. The products are efficient and environmentally friendly, compact in structure, mobile and flexible.

XCMG TZ series hydraulic rock drilling trolley is mainly suitable for tunnels, mines and other underground engineering in the tunnel, the equipment has the advantages of high efficiency, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, can improve the working environment of personnel and other advantages.

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