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Delivery of 100 Units! XCMG New Energy Heavy Duty Truck 4S Store in Southwest Region Opens Its Door To Welcome Customers

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The rising “traffic responsibility” in Southwest China

With its unique urban temperament

and the magnetic field of the cute panda

Attract tourists from all over the world

This time, hundreds of XCMG New Energy Heavy Duty Trucks also came.

XCMG New Energy Heavy Truck will rely on its good market reputation and high-quality brand image to vigorously carry out store expansion plans while continuing to explore domestic and foreign markets.

On May 18, the delivery ceremony of 100 XCMG New Energy dump trucks and the opening ceremony of the Southwest Region 4S store with the theme of "Joining hands with zero-carbon technology to build a green Tianfu" was grandly held in Chengdu, Sichuan. At the event site, 200 XCMG new energy heavy-duty trucks were signed and 100 units were delivered. More than 200 customer-related leaders and local representatives of new and old customers attended the event.


The 100 XCMG battery-replacement dump trucks delivered in this event are one of XCMG's E-blue platform series products. This vehicle adopts a lightweight design and has a high-safety "three-electric" design. The vehicle is safe and reliable in operation, has a large loading capacity, is stable in operation and driving, has excellent quality, and has low energy consumption. It is at the leading level in the industry, and the energy recovery rate is higher than 20 %, through the 3-5 minute battery replacement solution, all-weather operation of "non-stop operation for people parking" can be achieved.


The customer said: "XCMG New Energy is a big brand with strong product performance, excellent quality of core components, good vehicle control performance, and strong support for agents. It empowers agents in all aspects from marketing to service groups. From preparation When it opened, the company received strong support from XCMG. As the only authorized agent of XCMG New Energy heavy truck products in Sichuan, it is also the first 4S store of XCMG New Energy in the southwest. In the future, it will work with XCMG to promote the products of new energy vehicles. , sales, service and other aspects of work to ensure that the government is assured, society is recognized, and customers are satisfied.”


Chengdu has stepped up its "package" policies and actively planned for the development goals of "carbon neutrality" and "green transformation", which will benefit the development of the local green transportation industry.


Today, XCMG Automobile is seeking reform and upgrading, striving to build a technological and innovative company driven by new energy technology, focusing on improving innovative research and development capabilities, expanding the scale of new energy vehicle production and sales, and promoting industry stability and strengthening.

It is understood that after the continuous upgrading of new energy technology, XCMG’s new generation of E Blue new energy heavy trucks will soon be available to the public.

Under the "double carbon" baton, the optimization and adjustment of transportation structure and the update of transportation tools have become key measures, and the prospects for the green transportation industry are promising. This time, 100 vehicles were delivered and the 4S store opened to welcome customers, injecting fresh blood into the new energy heavy truck market in Chengdu and even the southwest region. XCMG Automobile will also change the "steering wheel" of Haozhi, focus on service-oriented transformation and upgrading, and collaborate with customers to help more cities take the "zero-carbon" transportation industry to a new level!

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