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Delivery of 100 XCMG New Energy Heavy Trucks to Chongqing

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Recently, the "Empowering the Development of Green Transportation and Building a Model of Battery Exchange City" XCMG Auto's grand opening ceremony warmly kicked off in Yongchuan District, Chongqing. At the event site, hundreds of XCMG new energy heavy-duty trucks quickly gathered, and local government leaders, customers, and XCMG automotive representatives attended the event.


"Buying XCMG new energy heavy-duty trucks only happens 0 times or more. Every detail of the product is full of XCMG's sincerity." The on-site customer introduced that the high-efficiency high-power permanent magnet synchronous motor, multi energy recycling mode, automatic air conditioning for heating and cooling, 344kWh battery XCMG's new energy heavy-duty truck has multiple advantages and potential to win the hearts of users in one fell swoop. In addition, XCMG's new energy heavy-duty trucks have a 3-5 minute high-speed battery swapping function, which can achieve efficient transportation without stopping the vehicle.


The Chongqing Municipal Government and Zhongji New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. attach great importance to this vehicle delivery event. They believe that the delivery of 100 traction vehicles from Xugong New Energy provides strong support for the green and low-carbon development of Chongqing. XCMG Automobile will continue to deepen cooperation with Chongqing Zhongji New Energy Technology to jointly promote the popularization and application of new energy vehicles in Chongqing.


XCMG actively responds to the national notice on launching the first batch of pilot zones for comprehensive electrification of public sector vehicles, accelerating the layout of the new energy field, and leading the development trend of the new energy vehicle market. This time, XCMG Automotive has fully unleashed its firepower, bringing green transportation solutions to Chongqing, and clearing user purchase anxiety with full scenario equipment solutions, charging and swapping solutions, and customized financial solutions.


The new energy heavy-duty trucks delivered to users this time will be applied in Yongchuan, Dazu, Rongchang, Tongliang, Luzhou, Luxian, Hechuan, Neijiang, Longchang, Bishan, Jiangjin and other places.

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