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XCMG earthwork construction equipment includes XCMG 1 ton to 12 ton full series loader, XCMG K series skid steer loader, XCMG K series backhoe loader, XCMG D series 1.5 ton to 49 ton full range crawler excavator, 6 ton to 21 ton wheel excavator, to provide customers with a full set of earthwork construction solutions.

XCMG Wheel loader, with long service life, low maintenance cost, high reliability and other characteristics, is suitable for large-scale open-pit mining, mining card loading and unloading, short-distance transportation and other working conditions.


XCMG crawler hydraulic excavator smooth action, energy saving and high efficiency. People-oriented, greatly improve the comfort and safety of the whole machine, products are widely used in a variety of harsh construction conditions.


XCMG skid steer loader is mainly used in working conditions where the working site is narrow and the operation content changes frequently. It is widely used in infrastructure construction, dock loading and unloading, urban streets and other earthwork occasions, and can also be used as auxiliary equipment for large-scale engineering construction machinery.


XCMG wheeled hydraulic excavator has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, high construction efficiency and strong mobility, and its products are widely used in municipal construction, road maintenance and other construction sites.


XCMG backhoe loader, strong power, strong working ability, fast transition speed; Widely used in municipal, water conservancy, highway and other operations.


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