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Extraordinary Decade ④ | XCMG Embarks on A New Journey of Global High Quality Development of Loading Machinery

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 By 2024, XCMG's loading machinery has transformed from a large ship into a fleet, bravely advancing in the tumultuous global market trend.


 Broad observation and agreement, thick accumulation and thin hair. For the past decade, XCMG Loading Machinery has been based on user needs and has taken action in technological innovation. Starting from the manufacturing side, it has continuously improved its intelligent production lines and taken a comprehensive view from the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry. It has also continued to make efforts in the post market sector, continuously expanding its market territory and laying a foundation.

 Adhering to the main strategy of internationalization, XCMG's overall scale of loading machinery has successfully led the industry in China, and has ranked in the top five globally for two consecutive years. The cumulative overseas shipment volume exceeded 100000 units in early 2022, with a 400% increase in main revenue compared to a decade ago. Internationalization revenue accounted for over 50% and industry exports accounted for over 35%, continuously boosting the international influence of Made in China.

 Throughout the past, XCMG, which has been deeply involved in the field of loaders for nearly half a century, has consistently maintained a leading position in the industry's exports for 33 years, regardless of its rapid market development or downward adjustment. Always maintaining a leading acceleration is a fruitful achievement of XCMG's unwavering commitment to its main business and never forgetting its original aspiration to work hard. Especially in the past decade, we have firmly grasped the ballast stone of "technological innovation", enabling XCMG's loading machinery to continuously press the fast forward key of high-quality development in market competition.


——The product lineup is complete and abundant. Over the past decade, while the product lineup of XCMG loaders has been continuously improved and enriched, it has also continuously broken the record for China's largest tonnage loaders: 12 tons of LW1200K and 14 tons of LW1400KN. Finally, in 2020, XCMG XC9350 was welcomed, helping China rank among the top three in the world and become a country with ultra large tonnage loader manufacturing technology.


 ——Technological innovation ensures product competitiveness. Even in early 2016, when the entire Chinese loader industry was at its lowest point, XCMG remained closely focused on market demand, persisted in technological innovation, and launched the XCMG V series loader, becoming one of the few manufacturers in the industry that was still launching new products at that time.

 Now XCMG is fully capable of mass production of products that meet the most advanced emission standards of Euro V, National IV, etc. With the support of independent core technologies such as APD, static hydraulic system, XCMG's self-made box, and bridge, it has formed eight product characteristics of "advanced, reliable, energy-saving, efficient, comfortable, convenient, beautiful, and 30% multi shovel", which is renowned in the industry.


  ——Promote new energy and embark on a green new journey. The continuous practice of the scientific statement "Green waters and green mountains are invaluable assets" has led the construction machinery industry to continuously explore green solutions for new energy technologies. XCMG also laid out early and launched the world's first LNG liquefied natural gas loader in 2010, while also launching the research and development of electric loaders at the same time.


  In the first half of 202, XCMG's pure electric loaders sold over 200 domestically and internationally, ranking first in the industry. Moreover, XCMG loaders have advanced into the research and development stage of hydrogen energy loaders, seeking better clean energy solutions for the industry.

  Intelligent support is fully committed to creating manufacturing boosters

  Always guided by customer needs, XCMG continues to deliver "technologically advanced, indestructible" products and complete lifecycle solutions to the market, with confidence and confidence not only in technological innovation, but also from the hard power of intelligent manufacturing.


  The world's largest intelligent manufacturing base for large tonnage loaders has been completed in Xuzhou. At the forefront of the Xu Gongju industry, high-end technologies such as fully automated robot welding for loaders, automatic powder spraying for structural components, and automated transportation systems for automotive industrial grade stacking chains have been implemented, resulting in a qualitative improvement in product production efficiency and quality.


——Intelligent manufacturing guarantees high-quality products. In recent years, the deep application of big data technology has also made the manufacturing of XCMG loaders more efficient. The use of MES system and IOT platform enables XCMG loader manufacturing to achieve over 85% network coverage of production equipment, with full line linkage of production lines, controlling the demand and consumption progress of various components throughout the process, and further promoting lean production; Sysweld welding simulation software can optimize and improve structural welding processes, achieving an overall welding rate of over 90% for loader structural components, effectively improving production efficiency and product quality. Such more digital and intelligent systems inject powerful energy into the intelligent manufacturing of XCMG's loader machinery, with over 400 networked intelligent manufacturing equipment and a maturity level of three in intelligent manufacturing, ranking at the highest level in the domestic loader industry.


——Breakthrough products supported by intelligent manufacturing have emerged. Relying on this powerful intelligent manufacturing platform, XCMG Loader successfully launched the "hot selling" N-series product in 2013. In 2016, as soon as the LW800K loader was launched, it became a hot topic among customers. The XC9350, the only domestically produced and third-largest in the world, has also been launched here, becoming a strong proof of XCMG's focus on the "three highs and one big" innovation strategy.


 Over the past decade, there have been nearly a hundred loader products every day. Starting from here, they have traveled to the world, becoming assistants for users to cope with operational challenges, efficient helpers to complete tasks, and partners to assist in success.

  Digital marketing creates a magic weapon for the post market

 Over the past decade, XCMG's loading machinery has continuously improved its marketing and service system. Starting from the deepening of network construction at the bottom level, we will further deepen the "rooting project" by sinking marketing service outlets to county-level areas, strengthen the allocation of agent resources, and increase spare parts reserves. In 2017, through systematic thinking on the development prospects of the post market, we helped users add value and launched the industry's first service brand, "Gold Medal Service, Full Effort and Full Process," to further extend the value chain.


  ——Market development after digital acceleration. In order to achieve truly efficient service management, XCMG also promotes a high degree of integration of two technologies based on Internet and cloud platform technology, making active early warning, dispatching workers nearby, remote control, and full range management a reality. In 2022, XCMG's loader "Post Market 4.0" will be released, driving the transformation and upgrading of the post industry market to the digital, intelligent, and green direction.

  ——Strengthen infrastructure construction and enhance service capabilities. By building a system through a comprehensive network, platforms online and offline, and channels for thousands of households, we strengthen the use of big data and achieve information exchange and interconnection within the value chain. We innovatively implement the "offline visits, online feedback" research model, and face all business processes to the market and customers, making communication between enterprises and customers more convenient and efficient.

  As of now, XCMG Loading Machinery has established nearly 90 maintenance service centers and more than 1000 service spare parts outlets in China, serving more than 1500 vehicles. It has also established one spare parts center warehouse and 10 spare parts regional warehouses, and has maintained over 50000 users in total.


  ——Open up new channels for e-commerce platforms and provide more convenient services. Following the trend of the times and taking advantage of the new model of digital marketing, in 2018, the industry's first e-commerce platform "Loading King" was launched, opening up new channels for users to understand XCMG loaders and purchase XCMG products. It also provides users with a complete set of solutions including basic equipment maintenance, training, equipment use, management, financial services, and second-hand equipment disposal, continuously expanding service boundaries, breaking the limitations of after-sales service, and focusing on upgrading high-quality services covering the entire lifecycle of equipment, becoming a milestone in XCMG's transformation from an e-commerce platform to a service-oriented manufacturing enterprise.

  Under the guidance of the "1.1 billion" target overseas, XCMG Loaders launched the "Global Million Mile Service Tour" activity in 2018, covering 38 countries and regions, and serving an average of over a thousand users annually.


  Zhuliu Bizhuan, accumulated thick and flowing light. In the past decade of the new era, XCMG's loading machinery has bravely advanced and climbed to new heights, successfully competing with international first-class brands. Based on this, in the next decade, XCMG will continue to release vigorous vitality and strong explosive power in the journey of changing the global loading machinery industry pattern, guided by global customer demand and human civilization development.

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