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Go Global in Bulk! XCMG Basic Engineering Machinery Has A Good Start

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January 8

XCMG Basic Engineering Machinery Intelligent Manufacturing New Base

Gathering of guests | A long line of products “to be married”

More than 30 products in five categories are sold all over the world

A good start to 2023


A good start for the entire series

  The products launched this time include rotary drilling rigs, horizontal directional drilling rigs, mining hydraulic tunnel drilling rigs, tunnel boring machines, deep well drilling rigs, and air compressors, covering the five major product segments of piling, trenchless, coal mines, mine tunnels, and resource drilling. The whole series achieved a good start.

  Products such as horizontal directional drilling rigs for non-excavation products responsible for laying pipes and lines, mining hydraulic tunnel drilling rigs used in coal mines and tunnel construction, EBZ series coal tunnel boring machines, air compressors, and deep well drilling rigs for mining clean energy from coalbed methane will also be on display. The construction frontline creates great value for customers!

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Sharing XCMG wisdom globally

  This global batch launch is a simultaneous development of domestic and foreign markets. XCMG basic engineering machinery has been fully tempered in China, Europe, South America, Africa and other major regional markets and various complex working conditions, and is galloping in the global market. With more ease, the global market share of the entire series of products is also increasing year by year.


  It is worth mentioning that the XR200E rotary drilling rig has become the "best seller" this time with its impressive performance of laying 26 piles in 10 hours in Hubei. Several units were shipped together, winning the "first place" in the export volume of XCMG rotary drilling rigs in 2023. one".


  While the products are rushing to the market, global dealer representatives visited and experienced XCMG’s new intelligent manufacturing base for basic engineering machinery that is “high-end, intelligent, green, service-oriented and international”. Everyone expressed that they were more confident and would firmly cooperate with XCMG. Cooperate, share the same culture, and join forces to make great progress all the way.


  Chase the wind with courage and determination. On the new journey, XCMG will continue to provide customers with basic engineering machinery products with the strongest technology, best quality and highest efficiency, providing solid and powerful support for the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.

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