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Heavyweight! XCMG excavators shine at Expomin Mining Machinery Exhibition in Chile

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Recently, the biennial, four-day

Chile EXPOMIN Mining Machinery Exhibition

grand opening in san diego

As Chile’s largest

The most influential mining machinery exhibition

Many well-known mining machinery brands around the world came to participate in the exhibition

Attracting a large number of mining customers from Chile and surrounding countries


XCMG Excavator, as a construction machinery brand that has been cultivating the Chilean market for many years, made a stunning appearance this time with the XE270E electric excavator and XE380DK and XE500DK mining excavators, attracting many mining customers to stop and watch. XCMG excavators have excellent performance, comfort and convenience The driving experience was highly praised by exhibiting customers. Many mining customers signed purchase orders with XCMG on the spot, which received great response on site.


South America is rich in mining resources, and mining operations require extremely high performance from excavators. This XE500DK excavator, which has been widely praised by customers, perfectly meets the needs of various mining operations in South America. XE500DK excavator uses Cummins engine, which has XCMG’s customized proprietary power characteristic curve, low speed and high torque, strong power and fuel economy; the reinforced chassis can meet the needs of heavy-load operations; the standard 2.6m³ rock bucket is suitable for large open-air applications Ore stripping and loading, sand and gravel mine excavation and loading; at the same time, customers can also choose a 3.1m³ reinforced bucket, which is suitable for large earthwork loading operations.


A customer from Chile spoke highly of XCMG excavators:

Los productos de XCMG no tienen nada que enviar a los otros. Ahora tenemos 3 unidades de excavadoras de 50 toneladas en nuestra minería y todos funcionan muy bien con alta eficiencia. Intentamos a comprar más equipos de XCMG en el futuro.


As the first South American country to establish diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China and the first South American country to sign a WTO bilateral agreement and a "Belt and Road" framework agreement with China, Chile has had close relations with China for many years. As a leading company in Chinese construction machinery, XCMG Excavator not only hopes to provide high-performance products to local users in Chile, but also hopes to demonstrate its vigorous potential in leading technological innovation and promoting green and sustainable development.

In the future, XCMG will focus on the strategic transformation and upgrading of "high-end, intelligent, green, service-oriented and international", continue to increase investment in the Chilean mining market, and provide mining customers with good product support, service experience and value creation.

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