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High End Showcase, XCMG Electric Loader Delivers To Oceania Again

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Recently, XCMG XC968-EV pure electric loader was once again delivered to the high-end market in Oceania and put into use by local brick making benchmark enterprises.


Choosing the best among the best, XCMG is the first choice

It is understood that the client delivered this time has always adhered to the goal of striving for excellence and providing customers with more exquisite and high-quality bricks and building materials. At the beginning of equipment procurement, it was clearly stated that "equipment must be efficient, reliable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and indispensable!"“


The equipment required by brick making enterprises not only needs to keep up with the production rhythm of brick factories day and night, but also to overcome the challenges of extreme environments such as prolonged high temperatures and high dust. "XCMG's pure electric loaders rank among the top in power, energy efficiency and other indicators, so there is no reason not to choose XCMG," the equipment manager said naturally.

Reliable equipment is the primary production capacity

The local area is about to enter summer, and the volume of brick making business will also increase sharply. The XC968-EV from XCMG will face the challenge of ultra-high strength brick raw material loading, unloading, and handling within a limited time. "During inspection and testing, the reliability and stability of XCMG equipment are exactly what our industry needs." The XC968-EV is equipped with the industry's first "three electric" technology solution, a perfect match of efficient drive system, advanced hydraulic system, and intelligent control technology, greatly improving work efficiency.


At the brick kiln production site, the driver highly praised the XC968-EV loader from XCMG, saying, "This is my first time operating an electric loader. At first, I was a bit worried, but the actual operation is very stable and powerful. XCMG's products are very good!"

Not only environmental protection, but also cost reduction and efficiency improvement

Energy conservation and environmental protection are another highlight of XCMG's pure electric loaders, and also an important factor for customers to choose XCMG. "Super endurance and zero emissions are crucial for enterprises to achieve green and sustainable development." XC968-EV not only excellently meets all user requirements, but also saves energy and reduces costs. Based on this excellent user experience, "for the next batch of equipment procurement, we will still choose XCMG and choose XCMG pure electric." The equipment manager highly recognizes XCMG.


Implementing the main strategy of internationalization, leading the export of the loader industry, XCMG focuses on the direction of green, environmentally friendly, and low-carbon development in the local market, conquering the high-end market, and comprehensively promoting the intelligent and high-end brand building of XCMG loaders, showcasing the charm of Chinese manufacturing to the world.

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