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Hot And Spicy! Over A Thousand High-altitude Operation Equipment From XCMG Are Rushing To The Whole Country!

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The first working day of the the Year of the Loong

XCMG has over a thousand high-altitude operation equipment

Batch shipment to the whole country

The drive and atmosphere to compete in the economy

Pull! Full!

Dreams are never meant to be waited for

But it's pieced together and dried out

Worker Xu relies on his persistence in being "hot and spicy"

Step by step, realizing the dream of "boiling hot"


···On February 18, the first working day of the the Year of the Loong, more than 1000 aerial work equipment of XCMG ushered in the first departure of the Spring Festival. Leaders and customer representatives from XCMG Fire Protection Company jointly attended the event and cut the ribbon for the departure ceremony.


"We are full of enthusiasm and look forward to working with our partners to create a better tomorrow for the development of XCMG's high-altitude operation machinery industry." Mr. Xu Tao, Deputy Secretary of the XCMG Fire Protection Party Committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, and Chairman of the Trade Union, said in his speech, "On December 18, 2023, XCMG Fire Protection launched a new journey of 'secondary entrepreneurship' with the official operation of the second base, with clearer development ideas and stronger confidence in development."

On site, with the order of Mr. Su Kun, Deputy General Manager of XCMG Fire Protection, the first batch of over a thousand XCMG high-altitude operation equipment was sent in bulk to various regions in South China, North China, Southwest, and Northwest, contributing XCMG's strength to the construction of our country's engineering.


As an emerging industry sector that XCMG focuses on cultivating, XCMG's high-altitude operation platform always adheres to the principle of "market-oriented and customer-oriented", continuously focusing on market customers and application scenario needs, and continuously achieving product iteration and upgrading.

With excellent performance across the entire range, high adaptability, and high added value, as well as outstanding market performance, XCMG's high-altitude operation platform has maintained a strong development momentum, receiving full recognition and praise from customers and the market.


Strive for a stable and successful opening

To promote the new industrialization of the city's "number one industry"

Walk ahead and demonstrate!

Hot and Spicy Xu Workers

We have already set off in full sets

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