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Hundred units departing! Thousand units signed! Direct attack on the high combustion site of XCMG hydrogen fuel heavy-duty trucks

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Only those who welcome change advance, only those who seek novelty are wise

100 XCMG hydrogen fuel heavy-duty trucks set sail

The initial strategic cooperation blueprint for 1000 units

XCMG and Guohong, as industry benchmarks

Creating a Model for Hydrogen Energy Green Transportation Industry

  Starting from a hundred units, a thousand units are determined! With the "departure" of Sun Lei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of XCMG Group, 100 XCMG hydrogen fuel heavy-duty trucks honked their sirens and rushed to the front line of mining construction in Ordos, leaving XCMG's tracks on the path of green and high-quality transformation in this energy city.



  Sun Lei, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of XCMG Group, Chen Xiaomin, Chairman of Guohong Hydrogen Energy, Xia Yongyong, Deputy General Manager of XCMG Group, General Manager and Party Secretary of XCMG Automobile, Yang Zeyun, General Manager of Guohong Hydrogen Energy, Zhang Dong, Executive Committee Member of Huatai United Securities, Xing Wei, Director of the Electrochemical Committee of the Chinese Chemical Society, and Luo Dong, Deputy General Manager of Mengxi Zhenghe attended the departure ceremony.

Decarbonization to Greening

Product precise positioning

"We have confidence in using XCMG hydrogen fuel heavy-duty trucks to create safe, efficient, economical, and low-carbon transportation services for the vast mining areas." Customer representative Luo Dong said, "This is another large-scale purchase order for XCMG hydrogen fuel heavy-duty trucks by Mengxi Zhenghe.".


Summer Swimming Delivers the Golden Key to Mengxi Zhenghe

 The rated power of the XCMG hydrogen fuel heavy-duty truck system reaches 110kW, matched with a multi speed AMT transmission, and the comprehensive range reaches over 450 kilometers; Equipped with XCMG's self-developed drive motor, the efficiency of the drive system reaches over 97%. After thousands of software and hardware tests and verifications, the entire vehicle and its components have adapted well to extreme cold conditions in mining areas, steep slope driving, and other scenarios.

 According to operational calculations, with an annual operating mileage of 50000 kilometers per vehicle, 100 hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty trucks will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 7950 tons compared to diesel vehicles. Bring a win-win situation of economic and social benefits.


Strong alliance

Jointly expanding the market

 In 2020, XCMG launched its first hydrogen fuel heavy-duty truck, taking the first step in promoting hydrogen energy applications. Over the past two years, both sides have worked together to launch a series of hydrogen fuel heavy-duty truck products that are technologically advanced and durable.

 According to this cooperation agreement, both parties will work together to promote no less than 1000 hydrogen fuel heavy-duty trucks by 2025, helping China achieve its "dual carbon" goals and safeguarding high-quality green development.


Sun Lei and Chen Xiaomin are inspecting the core components of hydrogen fuel heavy-duty trucks

Accumulate energy and deepen cultivation

XCMG hydrogen equipment on the battlefield

 Hydrogen energy is hailed as the ultimate energy of the 21st century and is one of the three major technological routes for the development of new energy that XCMG has clearly positioned. In recent years, XCMG has increased investment in the field of hydrogen energy and developed various spectrum products such as hydrogen fuel tractors, dump trucks, and mixer trucks. As of November this year, XCMG has put nearly a hundred hydrogen fuel commercial vehicles into the market, with good operating conditions and a preliminary reputation established.

 Currently, XCMG Automotive is seeking transformation and upgrading, striving to build a technology-based and innovative automotive company driven by new energy technology. From January to November this year, XCMG's sales of new energy heavy-duty trucks increased by 265% year-on-year, continuously leading the industry and winning multiple national sales championships in a single month, solidifying its position as a leading new energy heavy-duty truck enterprise with the most comprehensive and optimal green transportation complete solutions.


 Summer Swimming: While we are making great progress in electric heavy-duty trucks, we will also increase our research and development investment in the hydrogen energy field, which has more potential for future development. We will work together with our partners to explore a broader hydrogen energy market.

  In the development vision of "peaking carbon emissions and achieving carbon neutrality", XCMG Automotive has always been at the forefront of the commercial vehicle industry with its continuously expanding product lineup, strengthening research and development capabilities, and competitive solutions, contributing XCMG's efforts to promoting global energy conservation and emission reduction, and achieving green transformation!

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