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Hundreds of New Energy Vehicles, XCMG Loaders Are Booming in The New Year

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On January 3rd, XCMG loaders welcomed the successful start of 2024, with the first batch of orders for 100 XCMG XC968-EV pure electric loaders departing to the Northwest Energy Base to assist in green upgrading!

More than 200 people participated in the event, including Jiang Liqiao, General Manager and Party Secretary of XCMG Shovel Transport, Gong Panxing, General Manager of Aerospace Lithium Battery Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., as well as business unit leaders and customer representatives.


Leading the way in new energy and welcoming a successful start

New Year's Day has just passed, and the green and digital loading machinery manufacturing base of XCMG is filled with joy. The green pioneer XC968-EV pure electric loader of XCMG is solemnly queuing up and ready to depart, with its emerald green coating shining brightly under the sunlight.


Jiang Liqiao said in her speech that for many years, XCMG and Aerospace Lithium Battery have jointly practiced the scientific proposition that "green mountains and clear waters are as valuable as gold and silver", focusing on market and customer needs to develop new energy loaders that are widely favored by customers at home and abroad. Starting from the successful mass launch in 2024, both sides will further strengthen cooperation and contribute more valuable new products to the market.


Gong Panxing greatly appreciates XCMG's "great tool culture" in taking on great responsibilities and its outstanding contributions in the field of new energy engineering machinery. Gong Panxing stated that both Aerospace Lithium Battery and XCMG have a sense of mission and responsibility to lead the industry in the field of new energy. They hope to continue to work together in future cooperation to shine the blue sky and contribute wisdom and strength to the construction of green mountains and clear waters!

High value return and win-win situation for customers


Liu Peng, Deputy General Manager of XCMG Shovel Transport and General Manager of Marketing Company, delivers a wealth key symbolizing mutual benefit to customers

The XC968-EV launched this time is a star product of XCMG's new energy loader, which has been continuously popular in the global market since its launch. It is equipped with XCMG's unique "three motors" technology solution, pure electric, and zero emissions. After mass delivery to the local area, it will provide new ideas and solutions for the green transformation of the local energy industry, injecting new momentum into high-quality sustainable development.


A good product is the first step in helping customers succeed, and achieving customer value-added requires strong support from the aftermarket sector. XCMG has established a global marketing and service network, with service engineers on duty 24 hours a day. Through digital means such as XCMG's Global Digital Spare Parts Service Information System (X-GSS), XCMG provides spare parts inventory allocation and remote technical support, further enhancing customer value.

The journey of 2024 has begun, and on the path of continuously practicing the transformation and upgrading of the "Five Modernizations" industry, XCMG loaders have honed their technical skills and continuously launched leading products; Strengthen the cohesion and market construction, empower with digitization to obtain higher value, and achieve win-win results with customers!

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