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Hundreds of Units Gathered! XCMG’s Complete Set of High-end Asphalt Pavement Equipment Is Fully Released!

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Hundreds of pieces of equipment stand in line

National IV upgrade with a completely new look

  Recently, at the world's largest intelligent manufacturing base for construction and maintenance machinery, XCMG Road 5 series of complete sets of high-end asphalt pavement equipment were fully released, including three major types of pavers and four major types of rollers. A total of more than 100 products were unveiled, while satisfying customers' needs for all aspects. The ultimate pursuit of scene coverage and high-quality engineering.

  More than a thousand customers from all over the country shared a feast of construction machinery with XCMG.



  As the scale of national high-grade highway construction continues to increase, the industry has put forward higher requirements for the construction speed and construction standards of high-grade road surfaces.

  On the basis of the National IV emission upgrade, the new product series released this time will improve the flatness, stability, bearing capacity and life span indicators of construction to a new height, and look forward to bringing users a new construction method of "more speed, better economy". experience.

  It is worth mentioning that in terms of paver research and development, XCMG has accelerated the research and application of new processes, new materials, new equipment, and new technologies, forming mechanical panels, telescopic panels, A wide range of paver series including crawler tracks and tires can easily handle high-grade asphalt surface paving operations.


  Quality assurance and service in place. At the meeting site, XCMG promised to bring regulated, institutionalized and standardized services to every customer in the form of a high-end asphalt pavement equipment VIP customer club. As a partner of XCMG for many years, I spoke on behalf of the customer:

  Our company has purchased more than a dozen XCMG road rollers and pavers. In this period of rapid highway development, it is with the help of XCMG equipment that our company can continue to grow and develop.

  With the perfect delivery of each project, our upstream customers are also full of praise for the construction quality and stability of XCMG products.

  I believe that in the future, with the support of XCMG, our company will become stronger and stronger!


  Facing market demand and facing the world's technological frontiers, XCMG will continue to delve into the field of transportation infrastructure construction equipment. Based on continuous innovation in pavement structure design, paving material preparation, and construction technology, we will provide customers with various product and service support and contribute to the construction of a powerful transportation country. Contribute XCMG wisdom.

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