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Industrialization of new energy! XCMG's full range of loading machinery embarks on a new green journey

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On November 15th, XCMG Loading Machinery Research Institute was unveiled and established, and the world's first new energy loader production line was completed and put into operation. Yang Dongsheng, Chairman and Party Secretary of XCMG Group and XCMG Machinery, and Shan Zenghai, Chief Engineer and Vice President of XCMG Machinery, attended the ceremony.


Strong technological foundation leads industry trends

At the unveiling ceremony of XCMG Loading Machinery Research Institute, Chairman Yang Dongsheng listened to the introduction of new energy and international high-end loader products, and gained a detailed understanding of advanced technology and product performance advantages.


Under the guidance of XCMG's "1+6+N" R&D system transformation blueprint, XCMG Loading Machinery Research Institute will focus on the transformation and upgrading of the "five modernizations" of the industry, create a market-oriented technology innovation system that combines industry, academia, and research, focus on tackling key technologies, comprehensively promote the original and leading positive R&D model of loaders, and promote high-quality development of the industry with technology and quality as the leaders.

Expanding production capacity and enhancing customer value

The world's first new energy loader production line has been completed and put into operation at XCMG, which is a practical action to implement the national "dual carbon" strategy, a presentation of the phased achievements of the "No.1 Project" of the chairman of the Intelligent Transformation Digital to Network Connection, and a foundation for meeting customer value needs and ensuring market development and production capacity.


At the production ceremony, Chairman Yang Dongsheng stated, "We will continue to leverage our industrial advantages, accelerate the development of core technologies and components, coordinate the development of multiple new energy technology routes, hone our core competitiveness, and lead the new energy transformation of the loading machinery sector."


In 2010, XCMG pioneered liquefied natural gas loaders globally, establishing its position as a leader in new energy loaders. Nowadays, XCMG has formed a spectrum of pure electric, hydrogen fuel, and hybrid new energy products, and intelligent technologies such as remote control and unmanned operation have been applied, providing unlimited possibilities for users to solve the problems of shovel loading and transportation construction.

Covering all operating conditions and challenging harsh environments, XCMG's new energy loaders are widely recognized by customers both domestically and internationally. Its highly matched customized product solutions are more in line with the actual operating needs of global users.

New energy, new breakthroughs, new journeys! XCMG loaders will rely on the strong endogenous power provided by the Intelligent Transformation Digital to Network Connection, take a strong research and development and manufacturing system as the cornerstone, take meeting customer needs as our responsibility, continuously explore and innovate, lead the development of the new energy loader industry, and provide customers with more valuable and creative green equipment solutions.

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