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Keep Moving Forward! XCMG Brand Has Been Listed in The Fortune Global 500 for 5 Consecutive Years!

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December 13th local time

World Brand Lab

2023 (20th edition)

Ranking of Fortune Global 500 Brands

Revealed in New York, USA

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the founding of XCMG

The "XCMG" brand is once again on the list

Ranked 382nd

Up 4 places from last year

For five consecutive years

Entering the ranks of world-class brands



The evaluation of the World Top 500 Brands, released for twenty consecutive years, is based on the brand's global influence. The so-called brand influence refers to the ability of a brand to explore the market, occupy the market, and obtain profits.

According to the three key indicators of brand influence, namely market share, brand loyalty, and global leadership, the World Brand Laboratory conducted a comprehensive evaluation of over 8000 well-known brands worldwide, and ultimately launched the world's 500 most influential brands.

There are a total of 48 Chinese brands on the list, ranking third globally. XCMG is the only company in the domestic construction machinery industry that has been selected for five consecutive years, with its ranking steadily improving year by year and outstanding performance. In the current downward cycle of the construction machinery industry, the "XCMG" brand has shown vigorous development vitality.

XCMG is one of the earliest Chinese construction machinery brands to go global. Over the past 30 years of internationalization, its annual export volume and overseas revenue have consistently ranked first in the industry. In March of this year, XCMG brand underwent a new upgrade, using "solidity to success" as the communication language to provide highly reliable and high-quality products and services to customers, distributors, the public, and other customers throughout the entire value chain, to help achieve common success and build a better world.

Remember the instructions, be grateful and strive forward, and stay at the forefront.

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