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Low Noise, More Comfortable! These Four XCMG Loaders Made The List

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The Guidance List of Low Noise Construction Equipment (First Batch) was announced, and four products, XCMG XC968-EV pure electric loader, XC958, XC968 II and XC998, made the list in strength.

Implement the "People's Republic of China Noise Pollution Prevention and Control Law", the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the General Administration of Market Supervision and Administration of the Department of the organisation of the selection of low-noise construction equipment and the release of the "low-noise construction equipment guide directory (the first batch)", with the strong technical deposits and the leading product innovation XCMG loaders were again recognized by the authority of XCMG to help users to help create a higher value again endorsement. This is another endorsement of XCMG's ability to help users create higher value.


The selected products are all developed and designed based on XCMG XC9 new generation platform, which is jointly developed by XCMG Research Institute together with XCMG European Research Institute and North American Research Institute in accordance with European and North American standards. For the vibration and noise control of the whole machine, it has overcome the key technology of NVH control, accurately identified the TOP3 noise sources and their contribution, and significantly reduced the vibration and noise level of the whole machine through the optimisation of the matching of the suspension system, the design of the whole machine's air ducts, the optimisation of the acoustic field, and precision control of the parts and components.


"Low cost of use and comfortable to drive, much lower noise than fuel trucks. XCMG is good!"

The XCMG XC968-EV, the first choice for pure electric vehicles and a recent market sensation, is the first to be shortlisted. With the industry's original three-motor gearless technology, there is no gear meshing noise and friction loss, while the overall transmission chain is shorter and more direct, avoiding unnecessary power loss and reducing the energy consumption of the whole machine by 13%. The noise level is less than 70dB and the radiated noise is less than 100dB, which highly improves the driving comfort.


"There is strength out of the work, and the noise of the National IV is also small, XCMG is getting better and better!"

XCMG XC958 is a cross-tonnage product developed for domestic medium and high-end users, equipped with XCMG customised Weichai National IV engine, with efficient matching of power transmission system, giving full play to the performance of the whole machine, increasing the efficiency by 10%, and lowering the fuel consumption by more than 8%, and the fan speed is graded and intelligently controllable, which saves fuel and reduces the noise by more than 5% at the same time. With XCMG's patented cabin cooling flow field design, the cooling capacity of the whole machine is higher than that of the industry by more than 20%, which reduces the wind noise. The power transmission system and cab damping system are fully optimised to minimise and isolate the vibration and noise generated during the operation of the machine, providing a first-class driving experience.


"Heavy work must be highly equipped! XCMG's high efficiency and low noise make it comfortable to drive!"

The XC968 II, positioned as a 6-ton heavy-duty model, has a rated load capacity of 6.5 tonnes, a maximum lifting capacity of 11 tonnes at a high position, and a traction force of more than 180kN. It is equipped with a standard automatic electronically-controlled multi-shift transmission, which can be automatically matched with the corresponding gears according to the needs of users' working conditions, making shoveling and loading more powerful, and loading and trans-loading more efficient, and the transmission parts adopt the German standard high standard of gear processing and clearance requirements, which significantly reduces the noise of engagement. The transmission parts adopt German high standard gear processing and fit clearance requirements, the meshing noise is significantly reduced. The hydraulic system optimises the pipeline direction to reduce the oil circuit loss and system noise. XCMG's patented heat dissipation flow field design reduces wind noise by 5%. In the end, the driver's ear noise in the cab is 75 dB, and the radiation noise outside the machine is 105 dB.


Large tonnage must be XCMG, reliable performance, low noise, for domestic glory."

XCMG's traditional advantage of large tonnage segment, XCMG X998 with extraordinary strength heavily selected. The maximum loading capacity of the machine reaches 15 tonnes, which can easily meet the demands of various heavy-duty working conditions. The machine is equipped with a full-variable hydraulic system as standard, which supplies oil on demand, refuses to waste power and saves energy by more than 5%. The machine is equipped with intelligent temperature-controlled independent heat dissipation and reverse dust removal function, which is more energy-saving and quieter. ROPS&FOPS cab which meets ISO anti-tipping/anti-falling standard, low noise design, driver's ear noise is not higher than 74dB, and the radiation noise outside the machine is not higher than 108dB.


Continuously exploring engineering technology and making breakthroughs in innovation, XCMG's leading technology makes it possible to combine strong product performance with a low-noise and comfortable driving experience. XCMG's National IV loaders continue to sell well, assisting riders to operate efficiently, and helping customers to get more value and help them to succeed.

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