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[New Product Release] Classic G Continuation, Innovation in The Mining World | The 70-ton "XCMG Big G" Twin Stars Are Shockingly Released!

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On January 30th, the first stop of the "Classic G Continuation Mining World Innovation" XE700GK and XE750GK New Product Launch Conference was grandly held in Ordos, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Song Zhike, Vice President of XCMG Machinery and General Manager and Party Secretary of Mining Machinery Business Unit, attended the meeting.

More than 200 people from various sectors including industry, academia, research, and industry participated in the event, witnessing the launch of XCMG's 70 ton new product, the establishment of a strategic customer value alliance, and the signing and delivery of 100 new product alliance activities.


Cross disciplinary discussions on "industry academia research application" to promote consensus

Inner Mongolia ranks first in the country in terms of coal reserves, and the press conference will discuss issues related to coal supply and demand, intelligent construction of open-pit coal mines, and concerns about mining equipment demands. Professor Zhou Wei from China University of Mining and Technology focused on interpreting the development trend and construction path of intelligent open-pit coal mines. Li Xuegang, Vice President of China Coal Market Network, provided a forward-looking outlook on the coal market situation in 2024.

·Starting from the industrial development opportunities and customer demand insights of large-scale mining equipment, Song Zhike pointed out that XCMG XE700GK and XE750GK are two new 70 ton excavators launched on the basis of continuing XCMG's technological strength and reputation. They are also highly reliable labor models and high-energy efficiency models with "mining world innovation". The first stop of the new product launch event was in Inner Mongolia because XCMG believes that the new products that are ready to be launched can withstand the "golden eyes" of high-end customers and withstand the "real gold fire test" in the resource market.


Full lifecycle solutions help achieve high productivity and efficiency

The press conference comprehensively introduced the 5 major technical guarantees of XCMG XE700GK and XE750GK "Gold Quality", as well as the 6 core values brought to mining customers. The new product is efficient, fuel-efficient, reliable, and durable, meeting the needs of heavy-duty excavation and mining, bringing a huge return on output value of "more excavation and mining, cost reduction and income increase".


Cummins Non Road Chief Engineer Xi Shuhe introduced that Cummins has partnered with XCMG to focus on mining application scenarios and customize the M15 engine for XCMG. It was first launched in XCMG's large-scale excavation and has been highly recognized by the market. Under the concept of "integrated" engineering development and lean matching, XCMG XE700GK and XE750GK will achieve better key indicators such as overall performance and energy efficiency.


New products not only give back to customers from the perspective of product performance itself, but also win their trust from the perspective of overall solutions. The upgraded "Mine Management Master" equipment digital management platform can significantly improve the equipment management level and production efficiency of customers, helping them achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase.

Customer Value Alliance "Closely Collaborate with Strong Alliance"

XCMG excavator focuses on rooting in key resource markets such as Inner Mongolia and has won the favor and choice of more and more strategic customers. The establishment ceremony of the Strategic Customer Value Alliance will be held on-site, aiming to gather mining advantages, build a cross-border ecological business circle for alliance members, and achieve resource complementarity and common promotion.


XCMG excavators have signed contracts and delivered the first batch of orders for 100 XE700GK/XE750GK units with strategic clients, marking the strongest signal of new products entering the market and marking the beginning of XCMG excavators' new year with a high-quality "red start"·

Only by building on the success of our customers can we achieve the success of XCMG excavator. The representative of the alliance customer stated that the key performance indicators such as loading speed and fuel consumption of XCMG XE750GK exceeded expectations. The next step will be to continue selecting XCMG's 70 ton large tonnage equipment in other mining projects.


The upgrading trend of "high-end, green, and intelligent" open-pit mining equipment is highlighted. XCMG excavator will deeply implement the direction of industrial transformation and upgrading, strengthen customer demand insight and application scenario research resource investment, seize the strategic opportunity of improving the model spectrum and enhancing competitiveness, and provide reliable and highly competitive hardcore equipment for global mining customers.

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