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Over 13000 Meters! XCMG's Deep Exploration of Major Breakthroughs

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Significant progress

 At the Northwest Coalbed Methane Exploration Site

 XCMG XSL1000 deep well drilling rig

 Drilling workload exceeded 13000 meters 

 Great power heavy equipment, high-end equipment

 XCMG showcases its hardcore strength again

 "XCMG Depth" 

 Writing new records


Mid September to early January 

 The total duration is less than 4 months 

 Completed 8 wells 

 Total depth exceeding 13000 meters 

 Continuously creating new records for this block 

 Daily footage record, break it! 

 Single day drilling footage of 616 meters and 709 meters 

 Drilling speed record, refresh! 

 1000 meter equivalent completion cycle, 4.28 days 

 "XCMG speed" is not just "fast" 

 In the complex terrain of high southeast and low northwest 

 XCMG XSL1000 deep well drilling rig 

 Still able to work efficiently 

 Stability and reliability are equally convincing


Efficient drilling per meter

All reflect the integration of technology and innovation 

 Every in-depth exploration 

 All reflect the mission and responsibility of worker Xu 

 In the future, XCMG will continue to improve 

 Independent innovation capability 

 Continuously opening up new areas for development 

 Continuously shaping new driving forces for development 

 For the great cause of national rejuvenation

 Make new contributions

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