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Run The Green Track! XCMG Crane's New Energy Product Matrix Additive

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The new energy market for construction machinery in China is accelerating its frenzy, and XCMG's lifting machinery is still "technologically advanced". Recently, at the 2023 Bices exhibition, which is known as the development benchmark of China's construction machinery industry, XCMG has become the absolute protagonist. In the equipment fleet composed of a full range of products, one hybrid product is quite eye-catching - this is XCA300L8_HEV, a XCMG hybrid all terrain crane.


Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, XCMG's hybrid equipment not only maintains its previous advantages of strong power and leading performance, but also, equipped with an electric system, this hybrid crane has almost maximized its efficiency and energy-saving advantages.

For Chinese and even global industries, this is an iconic milestone. On the one hand, the launch of XCA300L8_HEV can be regarded as the pioneer and fist of XCMG's transformation towards a green era. In the future, it will take on the important task of exploring new sales space for XCMG and even China's all terrain cranes; On the other hand, it demonstrates the speed and strength of transformation and upgrading of Chinese crane manufacturers, proves the confidence of Made in China and Created in China, and demonstrates XCMG's leading strength in leading the new energy track.

Hybrid "hot selling", interpreting a new definition of green benchmark

In the era of new energy, the key for Chinese construction machinery manufacturers to accelerate or even lead the way lies in technology. Especially in green products, Chinese brands have a first mover advantage.

The green era is an important window of opportunity for China's construction machinery to overtake and create sustained growth. To maintain leadership and achieve sustainable leadership in the future, we still need to adhere to the principle of technology first. XCMG Crane has a clear and long-term understanding of this.


XCMG has achieved ultra long battery life through power tracking hybrid adaptive control technology. Under full oil and full charge conditions, XCA300L8_HEV can work continuously for 15 shifts.

In addition, the good combination of the motor and engine has doubled the maximum output power of XCA300L8_HEV; Overtaking acceleration, maximum hill climbing, and transition weighting are no less impressive than gasoline powered cars. The entire hybrid system saves more than 55% of fuel overall, which means saving 100000 yuan directly each year.

In terms of efficiency and value, it also ranks among the top in the global crane industry. Excellent performance has earned high expectations from users for XCA300L8_HEV. At the launch ceremony, the product attracted many professional viewers to stop. "This is definitely a big hit in the all terrain crane market and new energy products," the visitors unanimously commented.


Superb strength, leading a new trend of technological innovation

At present, the trend of green construction machinery industry in China and globally is accelerating, and XCMG, as a leader, is also continuously deepening its technological innovation. Whether in the era of traditional fuel engines or the new energy track, XCMG Crane Machinery has built a complete technical system and created a segmented, all scenario crane ecological application platform that meets various user needs.


On the one hand, XCMG Crane Machinery has taken the lead in occupying the new energy sector and has built a continuously improving new energy product line, becoming a technology integrator in the digital era transformation. On the other hand, as the Chinese construction machinery industry rapidly evolves towards greenery, users have increasingly high requirements for equipment usage experience and value return. Only products with no shortcomings in comprehensive strength can meet the deep level needs of users for upgrading.

All of these factors have prepared XCMG Crane. "Under the new competitive situation and market demand, XCMG will adapt to the needs of the times, build a crane product line with market influence and sustainable development, continuously promote brand advancement, and build a world-class crane brand trusted by global users." In different occasions, senior executives of XCMG Crane have described the same vision.


In the new era and facing great opportunities again, we can only go far by solidly practicing. As China's construction machinery industry undergoes deep transformation and the global crane industry undergoes deep transformation, XCMG Crane Machinery is taking a more firm and powerful step, striving for excellence and continuously polishing the "Made in China" business card.

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