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Set Sail on A New Journey! XCMG Complete Sets of Concrete Machinery Are Sent Overseas in Batches

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Complete set of XCMG concrete machinery

Five major series of equipment

Neatly arranged and ready to go

Embark on a journey to support global engineering construction

  On January 4, the XCMG Concrete Machinery 2023 International Market Batch Departure Ceremony was grandly held at the Pumping Machinery Industrial Base. Amidst the roar of the salute, complete sets of XCMG concrete machinery set off in a mighty manner, taking advantage of the momentum. The scene was as majestic as a rainbow and extremely spectacular!


It is reported that the concrete machinery shipped in batches this time includes mixing stations, pump trucks, mixer trucks and other star models, covering all equipment required for concrete construction, and is mainly shipped to Europe, Asia-Pacific, West Asia and other regions.


In recent years, under the guidance of the main strategy of internationalization, XCMG's concrete machinery sales and share have grown in double lines, with the growth rate continuing to lead the industry, and continuously demonstrating the technical foundation and strong strength of Chinese equipment on the world stage.


  Focusing on localization and high-end overseas markets in Europe and the United States, XCMG has made technological breakthroughs and improvements in terms of overall machine optimization, product working condition adaptability, and humanized design to achieve lower fuel consumption, higher efficiency, and smarter control.

 Using the third-generation smart boom technology, the XCMG pump truck has less shaking and smoother control;

 In response to different construction environments in overseas markets, XCMG mixer trucks apply 6 anti-leakage technologies to make them more adaptable to working conditions;

 Using a modular assembly method, XCMG mixing stations can be "pushed and moved, and stopped and used".


With its excellent and efficient product performance and professional and complete service guarantee system, XCMG Concrete Machinery has successively assisted in the construction of many key projects such as the New Capital of Egypt, the Padma Bridge in Bangladesh, and the Port of Nador in Morocco, and is deeply loved by customers around the world.

 The grand plan is newly launched, and the war drums are urging the expedition. In the new year, XCMG will continue to deepen its internationalization strategy, comprehensively consolidate the core competitiveness of its products, and fully demonstrate the precision charm of XCMG products on the international stage where many heroes are competing.

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