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"Spring Warmth" Qilu! XCMG excavator value services help customers start construction efficiently

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  The spring breeze brings warmth and love fills the mines. Since the launch of XCMG Excavator Chunnuan Mine Inspection on February 6, XCMG’s special service team has waved the flag and gone to their respective theaters with full enthusiasm and professional services. Inspection of more than 5,000 key equipment, National IV special empowerment training, complete product experience of mine management master... A service activity with the goal of "ensuring customers worry-free start-up" is in full swing!


Professional inspections to help customers start work efficiently

  In early March, XCMG Excavator Chunnuan Mine Service Inspection Team came to Shandong to provide comprehensive inspection services to Shandong Runchu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., the top 10 provincial customers of XCMG Excavator.

  At 9 a.m., more than 10 service engineers arrived at the construction site of a high-speed project in Zibo. At the construction site, 13 XCMG large-tonnage excavators were busy in an intense and orderly manner. As an "innovator" in the new National IV track, XCMG XE600GK has become a star product in the mining area. Since entering the mine at the end of last year, it has been highly recognized by users for its excellent mining efficiency and stable performance.



  Mr. Gao Zhi, manager of Runchu Machinery and Equipment Management, commented: "XCMG equipment is reliable and durable, especially the crushing operation efficiency is very high. The service team has disciplined actions and efficient service, which provides professional guarantee for our mine construction!"


  During the equipment shutdown and maintenance, XCMG service engineers also conducted in-depth technical exchanges with the drivers, provided guidance and training on each operator's operating habits, and provided professional demonstrations of standardized equipment operation and maintenance matters. From hardware to software, from equipment to personnel, XCMG services have been comprehensively upgraded to ensure stable production for customers.

  Zero-distance station at the mine, opening a new chapter in mining services

  In order to ensure the timeliness and efficiency of mining services and deeply implement XCMG's "520" mining service standards, XCMG Excavator has set up a mining service station in the Runchu Machinery Project Department. XCMG professional service engineers are stationed in the mine to provide customers with 7 *24H technical guidance and professional services to ensure efficient operation of equipment.




  He lives in Zibo and leads Qilu, and is located in East China and shines in China. The mines of Qilu Dadi are just a microcosm of the value of XCMG’s No. 1 service brand. Service expeditions time after time, missions must be achieved time after time, which converge into the firm commitment of XCMG Excavator to "protect with all one's heart and worry-free for life". The service story of XCMG's "Spring Warm Mine" is still unfolding across the country, and this journey of providing value-added services to customers is writing a new chapter!

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