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Starting From "new", "9" Wins The Future! XCMG's Three Major Categories And 49 New National IV Loading Machinery Products Have Been Fully Launched

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  Starting from December 1, 2022, the "fourth stage standard for non road mobile machinery" will be fully implemented. XCMG's loading machinery, including wheel loaders, sliding loaders, and excavator loaders, will be fully launched with 49 new national IV products, injecting vitality into the market and bringing more valuable equipment improvement solutions to users.


  XC9 series platform products from XCMG have undergone six years of honing in the global high-end market and have received widespread praise. In combination with domestic non road four stage emission upgrades, XCMG has grandly launched wheel loaders with rated load capacities ranging from 1 ton to 35 tons, as well as clamp, side dumping, stone forklifts, wheel bulldozers, underground machines and other National IV deformation products. The sliding loader has launched a National IV product with a load capacity ranging from 0.3 tons to 1.26 tons on XCMG's new platform. The excavator loader has launched the world's first rotary National IV product.


  As early as a year ago, 14 XCMG National IV loaders rushed to Beijing to support the emergency support work for the Winter Olympics. 23 customized 6-ton loaders from XCMG can be seen at construction sites such as high-quality anthracite mines in Henan and large stone yards in Shandong, ensuring efficient operation of the Northeast Railway network.


Craftsmanship, intelligence, new products, and new experiences

  The XC9 series products adopt a full working condition design with large hinges, long wheelbase, and large steering angle. The mature box, axle, and hydraulic components that have been tested for a long time are widely inherited in the National IV series models, providing strong guarantees for product reliability. Equipped with XCMG's exclusive high displacement, high torque, and high-power National IV engine, matched with different working modes for different working conditions, the comprehensive power performance is improved by 11%, and fuel consumption is reduced by more than 5%; The joint operation ability and boom digging force have both increased by 12%, making it easier to shovel materials.


  In terms of comfort, the new international cab provides a wider field of vision, larger operating space, lighter operating experience, and more comfortable multi-directional adjustable shock absorption seats, ensuring no fatigue during long-term work.


In terms of maintainability, the fully open large side hood is quite impressive, and the maintenance of the three filters is easy and feasible; A single row large distance radiator has good anti blocking performance, easy cleaning, high heat dissipation efficiency, and the radiator core adopts a modular design that can be replaced separately. The narrow front and wide rear chamfer design of the hood greatly enhances the rear view and is also safer.


  The XCMG Guosi Sliding Loader adopts a brand new technological appearance design, with better sealing and a wider field of view; Equipped with stronger power, industry-leading large displacement hydraulic system, wider selection of tools, and more comprehensive coverage of working conditions.


  The XCMG Guosi excavator loader adopts a dedicated heavy-duty, wet brake drive axle and gearbox with European technology, which has stronger load-bearing capacity and higher transmission efficiency. Combined with controllable dual pump combined flow technology, it improves work efficiency by 15% while reducing fuel consumption, and its strong performance far exceeds what is seen.


  The brand new XCMG loading machinery has been fully launched, and with the transition from National IV to National IV, it will undoubtedly bring strong technological transformation and upgrading to the industry, as well as new opportunities for high-quality development. In the face of the new era, XCMG will continue to adhere to its main business, create more value for users, and contribute XCMG's manufacturing strength to the high-quality development of the industry.

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