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Supported by New Achievements, XCMG's 4000 Ton Crawler Crane Assists Jinling Petrochemical

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Recently, at the Jinling Petrochemical project site, XCMG's 4000 ton crawler crane XGC88000 swung its arm and easily lifted and lowered a purification unit absorption tower.


The XCMG 4000 ton crawler crane, owned by Sinopec Shipping Company, has just completed the lifting task of 9 large equipment for the Yulong Petrochemical project, including 5 weighing over 1000 tons. In the Jinling Petrochemical project, the XGC88000 crawler crane will demonstrate a fierce dragon crossing the river in the lifting of key equipment in the purification unit technology renovation project.

Since the perfect first hoisting of Yantai Wanhua Industrial Park in 2013, XCMG's 4000 ton crawler crane has been used to traverse forests, valleys, plateaus, and Gobi. It has been fighting in both the north and south, bravely shouldering great responsibilities, and playing a major role in large-scale engineering projects such as nuclear power, petrochemical, thermal power, and coal chemical at home and abroad.


The 4000 ton crawler crane was once praised by CCTV media as a "great weapon of the country, the weight of the country". This trip to Jinling has once again refreshed the lifting experience, and the precise and efficient lifting has been unanimously praised by users, project owners, and industry experts.


XCMG XGC88000 continues to gain market trust with its strength, and in the future, it will also use larger and stronger performance reports to strengthen market orientation, innovate and create excellent products and after-sales services, create value for customers, and use China's strength to prioritize the world.

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