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"Tallest in the world"! XCMG's straight-arm aerial work platform debuts in Magic City!

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"The world's tallest" independently developed and manufactured by XCMG

XGS70K straight arm aerial work platform

Completed his debut in the magical city of Shanghai

Show the world the powerful power of Made in China


It is reported that the "world's tallest" XCMG XGS70K received the task of completing the installation of four guide lights of the Shanghai Wusongkou International Cruise Port lighthouse and the repair of four damaged surfaces of nearly two meters in diameter on the exterior wall within 25 days. .

25 days, excluding the time for workers to rest and replenish themselves between the ground and high altitude, as well as the impact of bad weather such as wind and rain, there is actually not much time left for workers to perform work at high altitude. Faced with ultra-high-altitude operations where time is tight and tasks are heavy, "safety" and "accurate positioning" naturally become the primary conditions for lessors to choose construction products.


Relying on XCMG's "Lingyun" K series technology platform with 4 core technologies and 9 major technological innovation points, as well as XCMG's unique pre-safety and safety function control technology, the safety control of XCMG XGS70K can reach the highest PLd level in the industry and can Effectively solve the industry problem of conflict between high-speed machine safety and operating efficiency, and break the ceiling of industry "safety" standards.

In addition, as the world's highest meter-level domestic product, the XGS70K straight-arm aerial work platform pioneers the long-arm multi-scenario precise positioning technology, which can achieve precise leveling control during the boom starting and stopping process and ensure the luffing and rotation processes. Stable and effectively improve work efficiency.

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"This vehicle is very flexible and highly reliable when working at high altitudes. We stayed on it for up to 6 hours at a time and carried out construction on multiple areas at once. It played a great role in improving the progress of the entire project. , the task was completed four days ahead of schedule," said Master Liu, who has driven many high-speed aircraft brands at home and abroad.


Market-oriented and relying on customer needs, XCMG aerial work platforms will continue to explore new technologies and new areas to create more value for users and contribute to the high-quality development of the industry.

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