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Thanks for 80 Years of Hard Work! XCMG Leads A Powerful Country And Embarks on A New Journey with Global Customers

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On May 18, an industry event with ultra-high specifications, extreme difficulty, and the most powerful gathering kicked off in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province. "Creation" and "New" invite industry leaders, customer friends, and media celebrities to attend the 5th XCMG International Customer Festival and embrace the glorious moment of "grateful company and mutual achievement" in the global hoisting industry chain.


Su Zimeng, President of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, Sun Yi, Director of Education and Training Department of China Machinery Industry Federation and Deputy Director of Machinery Industry Vocational Skills Appraisal Guidance Center, Li Shulin, Chairman of China Leasing Federation, Li Yin, President of China Construction Machinery Magazine, XCMG Group Yang Dongsheng, Chairman and Party Secretary of XCMG Machinery, Sun Jianzhong, Vice President of XCMG Machinery and General Manager of Hoisting Machinery Division, Meng Wen, Vice President of XCMG Machinery and General Manager of XCMG Marketing Company, Shan Zenghai, Vice President and Chief Engineer of XCMG Machinery, etc. attended the event.

The world's largest crane 5G smart park has nearly 50 XCMG lifting equipment ranging from 25 to 2,600 tons deployed. Wherever you look, "super energy" is on the verge of being triggered. Walking around, you can observe the towering "important weapons of the country". The technological innovation achievements are presented one by one, and the internal vitality continues to surge. The "New XCMG" is using its "new atmosphere" to warmly welcome people from Dear friends and relatives from all over the world!


"The world's No. 1 crane" is based on strength

At this grand event, the static exhibition of XCMG lifting equipment was combined with the dynamic show, presenting an unparalleled shock and impact. In the center of the exhibition hall, three XCA2600 cranes, the "world's number one crane", are located. New products from home and abroad are listed on both sides of the exhibition hall, paying the highest respect to global customers with high-standard product etiquette.


Sun Jianzhong delivered a welcome speech. XCMG kept in mind the earnest instructions of "strive to occupy the commanding heights of the world and master the right to speak in technology" and continued to increase the weight of "independent innovation" in the exploration of higher hoisting heights, larger product tonnage, and faster efficiency. , lay out the "important weapons of the country", break the "stuck neck" problem, and constantly seek, gather momentum and gather momentum to promote the high-quality development of the industry and advance towards high-end.

During the event, new large-tonnage products of the 100-900-ton "Almighty King Kong Almighty Army" series were unveiled. They are tailor-made based on user usage scenarios and can cover various construction fields such as casual labor, municipal administration, chemical industry, and wind power.

Among them, all products below 300 tons have been domestically produced, and the localization rate of parts and components of all products has reached 91%. The hoisting performance, rotation stability, transition passability, scene adaptability, and safe control of the crane have all been improved. further improvement.


The XCA60_EV, which appeared on the same stage, is another powerful tool for XCMG Crane Machinery in the process of promoting the "greenization" of the industry. It is the world's first hybrid all-terrain crane that has passed European CE certification and WVTA certification. It has zero lifting operations. Emissions, dual gasoline and electric engines for transitional driving, taking energy conservation and environmental protection to a new level. Dual engines are driven in parallel, and the vehicle's acceleration performance, grade climbing performance, and fuel economy are all leading in the industry.

The world's first zero-emission, low-noise pure electric off-road tire crane XCR40_EV takes into account the optimal control of power and economy. The energy conversion utilization rate is doubled, and the energy cost under different working conditions is reduced by 63%. The use cost is low and the operation is Good economy.


Empowering the manufacturing industry with intelligence is what XCMG has always been striving for. At present, the loading operation of XCMG cranes can be controlled by 5G remote control technology, and what is being demonstrated on this high-tech project on site is one of the new products launched this time - the "all-round army of loose workers" XCA160L8.

A new journey and a new blueprint

This year is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and promote the construction of Chinese-style modernization. It is a critical year for the construction machinery industry to bottom out and stabilize during the downturn, and the "14th Five-Year Plan" is a link between the past and the future. It is also the 80th anniversary of the founding of XCMG, In the first year after the mixed-ownership reform and overall listing, "New XCMG" has been filled with new vigor and vitality.


Su Zimeng introduced that Chinese manufacturers represented by XCMG have not only become brands recognized by global users, but also have world-class competitive products and formed a number of high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights. At present, XCMG has become the birthplace of leading technologies and products in the global crane industry. Chinese companies represented by XCMG are creating new value benchmarks for global users.



On the occasion of 80 years of working hand in hand with global hoisting users, XCMG took the initiative to shoulder the responsibility and responsibility of the industry leader and launched the value upgrading project of the global hoisting industry chain. At the same time, it reviewed the 80 glorious years and opened up the A new chapter.


Sun Yi, Director of the Education and Training Department of China Machinery Industry Federation and Deputy Director of the Machinery Industry Vocational Skills Appraisal and Guidance Center, and Lin Hai, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of XCMG Hoisting Machinery Division, unveiled the XCMG Hoisting Golden Collar Talent Development Center.

In addition, XCMG also made a series of major moves at this event: the major release of the "115 Two-Heart Service Brand Commitment", the official release of the ARD service diagnostic system, a comprehensive interpretation of the leading technology of large-tonnage cranes, etc., to provide users with the full cycle of products and services. Guarantee, truly giving users peace of mind and peace of mind!

On-site, thousands of tons, large-tonnage new products, batch orders at home and abroad are delivered and launched, and will be involved in the construction of global key projects.


"As a construction machinery company with a long history of 80 years, XCMG has gone through 80 years of not forgetting its original intention, keeping its mission in mind, and forging ahead with gratitude. In the future, XCMG will firmly keep its mission with gratitude and forge ahead. Grasp the primary task of "high-quality development", accelerate the implementation of the "two-step" strategy for reaching the summit of Mount Everest, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industry into "high-end, intelligent, green, service-oriented and international", and join hands with partners across the value chain , allied forces, provide high-reliability, high-quality products and services to global customers, build a world-class advanced engineering machinery manufacturing cluster at a high level, strive to climb towards the world-class modern enterprise, the global industry Everest, and build XCMG as a "century-old store" The golden signboard!" Standing at a new starting point, Yang Dongsheng, chairman and party secretary of XCMG Group and XCMG Machinery, spoke resoundingly.

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