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The "Belt and Road"! XCMG concrete machinery accelerates to go overseas!

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The "One Belt, One Road" ceremony of XCMG's concrete products was grandly held, which is another grand event for XCMG's concrete products to sail to the sea after the largest metre-class XCMG 5-axle 69-metre pump truck was successfully delivered to an overseas customer in Africa in May.


At the ceremony, with the unveiling of the red curtain, the huge XCMG concrete equipment was gradually revealed, and the metallic luster was eye-catching under the light, and dozens of equipments were about to go to the market area of "One Belt, One Road".


Wang Gui, General Manager and Secretary of the Party Committee of XCMG Schwing, said that XCMG's "circle of friends" in the international market has been expanding continuously thanks to the excellent performance of 50% fuel saving compared with competitors, the ability of the fabrication of the machine, the reliable machine quality, and the perfect service system, and that the export of this batch of products overseas is the full affirmation and recognition of XCMG's concrete equipment by the overseas customers. This batch export is the full affirmation and recognition of overseas customers to XCMG's concrete equipment.

High-end intelligence, safety and reliability, and strong power have become the beautiful international business cards of XCMG's concrete products. As a Sino-German joint venture and a leading concrete machinery manufacturer, XCMG concrete equipment plays an important role in the infrastructure construction of various countries and in various fields, contributing to the construction of "One Belt, One Road".

XCMG's concrete products batch shipment to the sea on the "Belt and Road" is not only a landmark business action, but also an important step in the global cooperation and exchange of China's construction machinery industry. This initiative highlights XCMG Machinery's firm determination and strong strength in its internationalisation strategy, and also demonstrates the positive role of Chinese enterprises in promoting international economic and trade cooperation and common development.

As a leader in the field of construction machinery, XCMG's concrete products have won wide acclaim from domestic and overseas customers for their excellent performance, reliable quality and innovative technology. This batch export overseas is not only a reaffirmation of the quality of XCMG machinery products, but also a strong proof of XCMG's competitiveness in the international market. These concrete products will serve major infrastructure construction projects in many countries and regions, providing strong support for local economic and social development.


At the event site, the awarding ceremony for the construction of XCMG overseas training bases and spare parts centres was held simultaneously, which will help train local mechanics and establish a complete service and spare parts system to provide timely and considerate services for local customers.

After the delivery ceremony, overseas customers also entered the neat and high-end intelligent workshop to experience the leading technology and innovation of XCMG's intelligent pumping machinery, and were full of confidence in the in-depth cooperation with XCMG.

In addition, the export of XCMG concrete products to the sea will also promote humanistic exchanges and cultural mutual understanding. While promoting infrastructure construction, XCMG Machinery will also actively participate in local social welfare activities and share the fruits of development with local people. Through exchanges and cooperation with countries along the route, XCMG Machinery will further promote cultural diversity and mutual appreciation of civilisations, and enhance friendship and mutual understanding among people of different countries.

Looking ahead, XCMG Machinery will continue to adhere to its unswerving internationalisation strategy and increase its efforts to develop overseas markets. The company will continue to improve product quality and technology level, expand product lines and service scope, and satisfy the needs of global customers with better products and services. At the same time, XCMG Machinery will also actively respond to the national "Belt and Road" initiative, strengthen cooperation and exchanges with countries along the route, and promote the construction of a human community of destiny.

In a word, XCMG's concrete products are an important step in the internationalisation process of China's construction machinery industry, as they have been shipped to the "Belt and Road". This initiative not only demonstrates the strength and determination of XCMG Machinery, but also contributes to China's strength in promoting international economic and trade cooperation, facilitating humanistic exchanges, and building an open world economy. In the future, XCMG Machinery will continue to work together with its global partners to write a more exciting chapter of cooperation.

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