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The Highest in The Industry! XCMG Launches The First 40 Meter Level Straight Curved Arm Ladder Fire Truck in China

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On October 10th, the highest in the industry and the first in China

40 meter level straight curved arm ladder fire protection products

YT42G1 ladder fire truck

Debut at position C of this year's fire protection exhibition

It stands at the top of the industry with a working height of 42 meters

Let us fully feel

Domestic fire-fighting equipment that is accelerating development

The infinite potential contained in it

Direct on-site attack


The stunning appearance of the YT42G1 ladder fire truck comes with its own radiance, standing proudly in the venue, attracting a continuous stream of spectators. Its agile body seems to contain infinite energy, ready to show off its skills in practical combat and win in high altitude.


The cloud ladder fire truck integrates high-altitude rescue and firefighting functions, and is widely used for firefighting and personnel rescue in middle and high-rise buildings such as cities and factories. With the advantages of the lifting and arm support product technology system, XCMG's firefighting technology team has overcome key technologies and successfully developed the high-end model of the 42 meter straight curved arm cloud ladder fire truck, which has strong obstacle crossing ability, large operating range, flexible high-altitude rescue, and fast and efficient action, Filling the domestic gap of 40 meter level straight curved arm ladder products


The YT42G1 cloud ladder fire truck has broken through the two core technologies of ladder frame dual-mode telescopic technology and asynchronous telescopic multi pipeline transportation technology, achieving four dimensions of flexibility, safety, efficiency, and convenience improvement

Ladders are more flexible and have stronger load-bearing capacity

Fully built-in independent variable amplitude curved arm, obstacle crossing ability of 4.9m

Homework is smoother and safer

Intelligent vibration reduction for ladder frames, platform landing detection, mechanical protection, manual leveling and intelligent protection functions

Higher fire extinguishing efficiency

Complete fire protection system configuration, fully automatic foam proportional mixing and fire pressure adaptive limiting control technology

More convenient rescue

New asynchronous telescopic technology, with five elevators that can independently and quickly extend, allowing personnel to quickly enter the platform


Climbing peaks, never stopping. XCMG will continue to meet the major needs of the country, align with the direction of scientific and technological development, deepen technological accumulation and industrial sedimentation, and create high-level craftsmanship that leads the industry. We will use technology to protect life and the beautiful world we are based on.

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