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The The Year of The Loong Has A Good Start! XCMG Tower Crane Products Batch Launch

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On the eighth day of the lunar new year, the the Year of the Loong started well, and the mass departure ceremony of XCMG tower crane products was held in Xuzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Base.

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Staff Dragon Dance Celebrates a Good Start


Accompanied by a loud whistle, the fully equipped "Xugongjin" sailed out of the red arch, and tower cranes and elevators will rush to the market, providing escort for key construction projects across the country and helping customers to open up their markets.


In his speech, Yuan Shaozhen, General Manager and Party Secretary of XCMG Tower Crane, stated that in the new year, XCMG Tower Crane will firmly adhere to the main line of high-quality development, focus on core products, core technologies, core components, and innovative system capabilities, create highly internationally competitive products, and shape a high-end brand of tower cranes.


XCMG Tower Crane is anchored in the "Five Modernizations" transformation, focusing on the international main strategy, based on customer needs, accelerating product technology innovation, intelligent manufacturing, and quality upgrading, and using efficient construction to support global construction, demonstrating XCMG's "smart" manufacturing strength.


The horn for the 2024 expedition has already sounded! Drumming to urge and work hard, in the new year, XCMG Tower Crane will continue to have a strong fighting spirit, full of enthusiasm, and steadfastly carry out its mission. It will start with a good start and strive to achieve a full year of glory, using high-quality development to help the industry move forward!

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