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Three Major Projects Join Hands: XCMG Road Machinery Assists in the Universiade!

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The 31st Universiade was grandly held in Chengdu. It is the third time that mainland China has hosted the World University Summer Games, following the Beijing and Shenzhen Universiades, and also the first time that western China has hosted a global comprehensive sports event. Previously, XCMG's complete set of road machinery had appeared in the "Land of Abundance" and participated in the supporting road engineering of the Universiade, helping the smooth progress of the Universiade and building a smooth road for sports enthusiasts from around the world to come to the Universiade site!

·Thailand Asphalt Station Case Collection XCMG Milling Machine @ Supporting Roads for Universiade Venues


This construction project is located next to the venue of the Universiade. The XM2005K milling and planing machine, a classic product of XCMG's five series, assists in the construction of the Universiade road with a agile posture and is responsible for the deep milling and planing operations of water stable layers. Its maximum milling depth can reach 25cm, and the construction speed is 8m/min. The XCMG SCS intelligent milling system equipped on it can better achieve neat cutting edges, smooth road surface after construction, and lay a foundation for the next step of paving construction.


Not only that, XM2005K can minimize milling resistance and ensure efficient construction under various harsh working conditions by optimizing tool layout and cutting head insertion angle, while ensuring the ability of large milling and deep milling. XCMG milling machines have performed excellently in the construction of supporting roads for venues, and their milling ability, construction stability, and construction economy have all been recognized by the construction party.

XCMG Complete Road Machinery @ Tianfu International Airport


As a 4F level international airport and the main hub of Chengdu International Aviation Hub, Chengdu Tianfu International Airport is the first stop for many Universiade guests and athletes to arrive in Chengdu. XCMG's complete set of road machinery has gained industry reputation in the construction of Tianfu International Airport and airport expressway due to its excellent performance and excellent performance.


XCMG XS365 single steel drum vibratory roller has participated in road compaction work at airports. The land reclamation operation at the airport is not an easy task, as the XS365 demonstrates excellent power performance and adaptability to working conditions. The high-strength wear-resistant steel wheels that have undergone special hardening treatment enable XS365 to operate smoothly in various extreme working conditions, making it a true star in the heavy-duty roller industry of XCMG.


XCMG XM1205F milling machine has also demonstrated its skills in the airport road surface renovation and upgrading project. With its extremely high construction efficiency, it has accelerated the progress of the project and contributed to the reconstruction of the pavement at Tianfu Airport.

XCMG Oil Surface Equipment @ Chengmian Expressway


The RP1855T paver has a single width of 10.5m and a one-time paving process, effectively ensuring the smoothness and compactness of the paving. The XD133S double steel wheel, which adopts uniform pressure technology, has a road surface smoothness that far exceeds the design indicators after compaction. XCMG's complete set of road machinery is continuously constructed 24 hours a day, fully demonstrating the reliability, stability, and safety of the equipment and demonstrating its hardcore strength.

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