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Through The 9th Anniversary, XCMG Assists in The Efficient Operation of Railway Loading And Unloading

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Recently, with the departure order, dozens of XC968 loaders from XCMG have sailed majestically towards the Northeast market, promoting the development of local railway freight and contributing XCMG's strength.


Close cooperation, good helper for railway loading and unloading

Northeast China has abundant mineral resources and has always played an important role in the production and supply of coal, crushed stone, and iron powder, becoming one of the earlier industrial bases in China. Faced with the triple challenge of "difficult unloading, loading, and handling" at local railway freight transfer stations, XCMG faced the challenge more than ten years ago. Over a hundred XCMG loaders provided "escort" for the loading and unloading operations of the Northeast railway system. Faced with equipment updates, customers once again firmly chose XCMG.


"Railway transportation inevitably has peak periods and busy stations, and timely loading, unloading, and not stacking of goods are crucial. Some station platforms have a certain distance from the storage area, which requires high efficiency and speed of loader operation. XCMG has strong power, flexible operation, and high safety factor, which meets our needs. This is also why we have always chosen XCMG," the equipment manager explained.

Dual empowerment of on-demand customized products and services

The train carriage is high, and extending the arm is indispensable; The weight of the goods is large, and the overload capacity is essential. Since our cooperation, XCMG has been assisting clients in analyzing, customizing, and upgrading their shovel transportation equipment, ensuring efficient transportation of their freight segments. Now, this batch of customized XC9 series National IV loaders from XCMG will also rush to the front line and become the backbone.


"The XCMG National IV new car has excellent performance and can operate flexibly even on narrow railway platforms. Our customized extended arms and large tires greatly help to complete loading and unloading on time and on schedule, adding wings to the work." The driver sighed.


We have been using XCMG loaders and they have always been a solid support for our railway loading and unloading. With advanced, reliable, and efficient products, XCMG has successfully obtained recognition from the railway transportation system, with outstanding strength. Customers can buy with confidence and use with peace of mind!

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