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Unlock The Green New Era! XCMG Pure Electric Loader Departs Again!

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On September 26th, at XCMG's green digital loading machinery manufacturing base, XCMG XC968-EV pure electric loaders were once again launched in bulk and delivered to Jiangsu Chengyi Group, a large backbone enterprise in the domestic building materials industry, once again demonstrating XCMG's strong market appeal in the field of new energy loaders.457d9a5b71838c8060a4642e51ee845


The autumn breeze brings a refreshing breeze, and the XCMG pure electric loader body is covered in red flowers, ready for battle. More than 100 leaders and employees from both sides, including Jiang Mingzhong, Vice President of XCMG Machinery, Jiang Liqiao, General Manager and Party Secretary of the Shovel Transport Division, and Cao Yong, Party Secretary and General Manager of Jiangsu Chengyi Group, witnessed the event


The XC968-EV pure electric loader launched this time adopts a globally unified platform and the widely acclaimed "three motor" technology solution, combined with the actual needs of customers for shovel loading materials, with a customized equipment of 3.5m ³ Knife blade bucket helps customers increase production capacity and upgrade green.


Jiang Mingzhong said, "The technological innovation and application of XCMG's new energy loaders are the successful practice of XCMG's industrial transformation and upgrading through the" Five Modernizations ". This batch delivery is the best witness to XCMG and Chengyi Group entering a new stage of development. The two sides have worked together for many years and have become the most solid partners on the road to success!"


Cao Yong affirmed the achievements of XCMG's new energy loading machinery: "XCMG Group and Jiangsu Sincerity are both leading enterprises in the industry and region, bravely shouldering great responsibilities in their respective fields. XCMG is a leader in the field of new energy loaders. XCMG's pure electric loaders are energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and pollution-free, which are essential tools for the green and intelligent transformation, energy conservation, and carbon reduction of the building materials industry, adding green power to the development of the industry."


With the departure instruction, XCMG XC968-EV pure electric loader rushed to the customer's production base in sequence. We are old friends and good partners with XCMG. With the development and growth of the enterprise, XCMG will work together with sincerity to build success! After delivery, this batch of equipment will undertake the material loading operation of the customer's large mixing plant.

With leading technology, rich lineage, and strict adherence to the highest standards of EU CE certification, XCMG's continuous cultivation in the field of new energy loading machinery is constantly reaping fruitful results.

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