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What Is A Truck Crane Called?

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Truck cranes are essential equipment in various industries, offering the capability to lift and move heavy objects with ease. But have you ever wondered what a truck crane is actually called? In this article, we will explore the different types of truck cranes and the factors to consider when choosing one. Whether you are in construction, transportation, or any other industry that requires heavy lifting, understanding the various options available and the factors to consider can help you make an informed decision. So, let's dive into the world of truck cranes and discover the right one for your specific needs.

Different Types of Truck Cranes

Truck cranes come in various types, each designed to cater to specific lifting and moving needs. These powerful machines are widely used in construction, mining, and other industries that require heavy lifting. Understanding the different types of truck cranes can help businesses make informed decisions when it comes to choosing the right equipment for their specific requirements.

One of the most common types of truck cranes is the mobile crane. As the name suggests, these cranes are mounted on a truck chassis, allowing for easy transportation and mobility. Mobile cranes are versatile and can be used for various applications, including lifting heavy materials, installing equipment, and even in rescue operations. With their telescopic boom, mobile cranes offer excellent reach and height capabilities, making them a popular choice in the construction industry.

Another type of truck crane is the rough terrain crane. These cranes are specifically designed to operate on uneven and rough surfaces, making them ideal for off-road construction sites. Equipped with large rubber tires and a sturdy chassis, rough terrain cranes can navigate through challenging terrains with ease. Their compact size and excellent maneuverability make them suitable for small construction projects where space is limited.

For heavy-duty lifting tasks, the all-terrain crane is the go-to option. These cranes are designed to handle the most demanding lifting operations, both on and off-road. With their multiple axles and powerful engines, all-terrain cranes can travel long distances and lift heavy loads with ease. They are equipped with advanced features such as hydraulic outriggers and telescopic booms, providing exceptional stability and reach.

In addition to these types, there are also specialized truck cranes such as the loader crane and the carry deck crane. Loader cranes are typically mounted on trucks and are used for loading and unloading goods. They are commonly seen in industries such as logistics and shipping. Carry deck cranes, on the other hand, are compact and versatile cranes that are often used in indoor construction sites or confined spaces.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Truck Crane

Choosing the right truck crane for your needs is a crucial decision that requires careful consideration. With a wide range of options available in the market, it is important to take into account several factors to ensure that you make the best choice. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a truck crane.

First and foremost, it is essential to determine the lifting capacity required for your specific application. The lifting capacity of a truck crane is measured in terms of its maximum load capacity. It is important to assess your lifting needs and choose a truck crane that can handle the weight you intend to lift. This will ensure that the crane operates safely and efficiently.

Another important factor to consider is the reach of the truck crane. The reach refers to the horizontal distance from the center of rotation to the tip of the boom. It is crucial to evaluate the reach required for your lifting tasks and select a truck crane that can reach the desired areas. This will enable you to perform your lifting operations with ease and precision.

The stability of the truck crane is also a critical consideration. Stability is vital to ensure the safety of the operators and the load being lifted. A stable truck crane will minimize the risk of accidents and provide a secure working environment. Factors such as the size and weight distribution of the crane, as well as the outrigger design, contribute to its stability. It is advisable to choose a truck crane with a robust and well-designed outrigger system for optimal stability.

Furthermore, it is important to consider the mobility of the truck crane. Depending on your job site requirements, you may need a crane that can easily maneuver through tight spaces or rough terrains. Assess the accessibility and terrain conditions of your work area and select a truck crane that offers the necessary mobility features. This will ensure that the crane can reach and operate in various locations effectively.

Additionally, the maintenance and support provided by the manufacturer should be taken into account. A reliable manufacturer will offer excellent after-sales support and provide regular maintenance services to keep your truck crane in optimal condition. This will prolong the lifespan of the crane and minimize downtime due to breakdowns.


Understanding the different types of truck cranes is crucial for businesses in need of heavy lifting equipment. Mobile cranes, rough terrain cranes, all-terrain cranes, loader cranes, and carry deck cranes each have their own unique features and applications. By carefully considering their lifting requirements and work environment conditions, businesses can choose the most suitable truck crane to improve operations and productivity. Factors such as lifting capacity, reach, stability, mobility, and manufacturer support should be evaluated when selecting the right truck crane. Investing in a high-quality truck crane not only enhances productivity but also ensures the safety of lifting operations.

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