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Witness The 10th Anniversary And Deliver The 600000th XCMG Track Chassis Offline

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On August 18, 2023, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of its establishment, XCMG tracked chassis held a ceremony for the delivery of the 600000th tracked vehicle under the "Ten Years of Brave and Brave Progress, 600000 New Journey" initiative. A milestone moment of extraordinary significance has been frozen here, and a new chapter in the development of core components is being written.

At the event, more than 160 people, including Meng Lei, member of the Standing Committee and Deputy District Mayor of Jiawang District Committee in Xuzhou, Zhang Chao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xuzhou Industrial Park, representatives of global procurement, suppliers, and staff cadres from a certain overseas brand, gathered together to witness Xugong's unremitting pursuit of track chassis from "0" to "600000" over the past decade, and to jointly feel the firm original intention of building a world-class track chassis brand.

New starting point: Ten thousand towering mountains, chasing dreams for ten years,

Thick accumulation and thin courage to climb

The tree is tall and the leaves are lush, tied to the deep roots. In 2013, XCMG assessed the situation with foresight and strategic planning, leading to the emergence of a core component industry. Based on the large platform of XCMG Mining Machinery Division, XCMG caterpillar chassis seizes opportunities and takes advantage of the situation to become a backbone force in the global caterpillar chassis industry.

Over the past decade, XCMG's track chassis has accumulated more than 300000 sets of supporting mainframe units, successfully entering the leadership camp of the track chassis industry, breaking the industry's record of reaching 600000 track products in terms of time consumption speed, demonstrating its hardcore strength.


Meng Lei, member of the Standing Committee of the Jiawang District Committee and Deputy District Mayor of Xuzhou, stated that during the ten years since the establishment of the XCMG Crawler Chassis Project in the industrial park, it has made outstanding contributions to the healthy development of the industrial park and Jiawang District's economy and society. The industrial park will further strengthen its efforts to create a first-class business environment, continue to work hand in hand with XCMG Crawler Chassis, and work together to promote high-quality development of the enterprise.


Ten years of trials and tribulations, ten years of ups and downs; Ten years of day and night journey, ten years of brilliant achievements. The passionate poem recites "Walking Like a Rock", telling the story of ten years of struggle, the ceremony of awarding the extraordinary annual merit medal, and paying tribute to ten years of dedication and perseverance.


Liu Yang, Deputy General Manager of XCMG Mining Machinery Business Unit, General Manager of XCMG Crawler Chassis, and Secretary of the Party Branch, said that behind the "600000 yuan", it not only marks a breakthrough in the production and sales figures of XCMG Crawler Chassis, but also demonstrates XCMG Crawler Chassis's unremitting pursuit of excellent quality and its mission to create customer value. This is a valuable asset for the development of the enterprise and must be persisted in the long term.

New breakthrough: Innovate to create new things, adapt to changes,

Bravely standing at the forefront and winning the opportunity

Anchoring XCMG's main strategy of "technological and management innovation", XCMG's track chassis is fully committed to overcoming the "bottleneck" problem, continuously strengthening product competitiveness, system transformation, talent innovation, and cultural traction.


Over the past decade, XCMG's track chassis has formed a "full series, all working conditions, all weather" track chassis product system. It has taken the lead in mastering multi body dynamics and fatigue simulation analysis technology of track chassis in China, conquered more than 30 key core technologies in the industry, occupied the industry's technological high ground, and created a highly competitive "large tonnage, complete set, customized" product competitive advantage.


At this milestone moment, XCMG's crawler chassis has launched another major product - the 300 ton excavator crawler chassis, which can withstand high stress, high impact, and high temperature differences, with a shorter development cycle, longer service life, and wider application range. XCMG's crawler chassis is as strong as a rock, making it the world's number one rotary drilling rig. XCMG's crawler chassis is capable of withstanding high stress, high impact, and high temperature differences, adding a rich and colorful touch to the technological innovation path of its core components.

New Journey: Layout the Future, Travel Across the World,

Strive to explore and strive for excellence

Under the new development pattern of domestic circulation as the main body and international and domestic dual circulation, relying on XCMG's "internationalization" strategic layout, XCMG's track chassis actively explores overseas markets, and its products are exported to countries such as India, South Korea, Brazil, and Russia. Since the beginning of this year, good news has been coming one after another, such as the bulk export of millions of orders and the addition of new images to overseas markets. The expansion of overseas markets is accelerating, and the pace of internationalization is becoming more and more stable!

Those who are good at planning will go far, and those who do practical work will achieve great success. XCMG's tracked chassis has always been customer-centric, quality oriented, technology centered, and service oriented, constantly pursuing excellence, continuously exploring and innovating, and meeting ever-changing market demands with excellent product performance. It has gained deep recognition and widespread praise from customers.


When receiving the model symbolizing the 600000th track production line, the Global Procurement Director of a certain overseas brand was very excited. He said that he had been cooperating with XCMG's track chassis for many years, and this delivery has led to a deeper strategic relationship between the two parties.


As a leading enterprise in engineering machinery chassis products, XCMG caterpillar chassis has strong technical strength and excellent quality, and has become a very important part of the brand's global supply chain. We believe that our cooperation relationship will become more solid in the future.

On a journey of thousands of miles, the wind is strong, and once again, we set sail on a thousand heavy responsibilities! Looking towards the future, XCMG's tracked chassis will continue to deeply implement the business development policy of "high quality, risk control, world-class, and stable growth", and face the trend of "Five Modernizations" transformation and upgrading. We will work hard and forge ahead with courage, making new achievements and creating brilliance for XCMG to "build a world-class enterprise and climb the global industrial summit".

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