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XCMG 2 Ton 3 Ton Mini Excavators XE27U Small Digger Machine With Price For Sale

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Excavators XE27U


Product Introduction

The XE27U is developed with the concept of “Safe, Reliable, Efficient and Comfortable”, which offers great value to the operator. It also has new features such as a Kubota T4F engine, along with a loading-sensing hydraulic system that provides efficiency and fuel economy. This compact, short-tailed excavator is designed to perform a variety of tasks on the most challenging job sites such as demolition, landscaping, earthmoving, or material handling. Additionally grouped service points are within reach of the ground, making maintenance easier and reducing downtime.

Product Characteristics

1. Low comprehensive fuel consumption

2. High operating efficiency

3. Four-stage braking, safe and reliable

4. Hydraulic transmission, high configuration, advanced performance and high reliability.

Product Advantage

XE27U adopts a good engine excellent in environmental protection and energy saving. Moreover, it uses a load sensitive hydraulic system, able to guarantee operator's better controlling of the machine and better movement coordination, reduce the demand for operation proficiency of the driver; in addition, the reliability of this system has been recognized by the majority of users.

1. Ecological and economical

* Adopting new environmental friendly Yanmar engine, low speed torque, low fuel consumption, high operating efficiency, reliable and durable.

* It adopts a cross-stage large displacement constant power variable pump with high volumetric efficiency.

2. Multiple applications

* Short tail design and short slewing radius can achieve flexible operation in confined space.

* Multiple additional configurations to adapt to a variety of operating requirements.

3.Comfortable operational experience

* Fresh air conditioning system to ensure the appropriate temperature.

* Toughened glass cockpit with good safety view.

* Detailed design concept improves comfort.

Technical Parameters


Unit of Measure


Operating Weight



Bucket Capacity



Engine Model


Kubota/D1105/Tier 4F

Rate Power/Speed



Maximum Torque/Speed



Travel Speed



Swing Speed






Bucket Digging Force



Arm Digging Force



Product Uses

It is widely used in small earthwork engineering, municipal construction, pavement repair,

concrete crushing, buried cables, farmland water conservancy construction,

garden cultivation and river ditch dredging and other projects.

Product Operate Guide

1. Confirm the surrounding conditions. When rotating, be aware of the surrounding obstacles and terrain, and ensure safe operation.

2. Confirm the front and rear direction of the track during operation to avoid tipping or impact.

3. Try not to face the final drive in the direction of excavation, otherwise it is easy to damage the travel motor or hose.

4. During operation, ensure that the left and right crawlers are in full contact with the ground to improve the dynamic stability of the whole machine.

Excavator operation

1) Before operation, you must be familiar with the position and function of each joystick, and do not extend any part of your body out of the window frame.

Prevent accidental bumping or other contact with the boom control lever and prevent injury from unexpected movement of the machine.

2) Pilot control switch lever

Before starting the engine: Make sure the pilot control switch lever ① is in the LOCK (locked) position.

After starting the engine: Verify that all joysticks and pedals are in the neutral position and that there is no movement of the machine parts. Lower the pilot control switch lever ① to the UNLOCK (release) position.

3) Before leaving the machine:

(1) Park the machine on a firm, level ground. Lower the bucket to the ground and return all control levers to neutral. Shut off the engine properly.

(2) Pull the pilot control switch lever ① to the full LOCK (locked) position

(3) Stop the engine.


Q1. Why Choose us ?

A: We are professional in construction machines; We will patiently explain for you about all the doubts about the problem of the machines.

Q2. What is your delivery time?

A: about 10 working days after receiving deposit

Q3. Which machines can you supply?

A: We are professional in exporting construction machines,including truck cranes, crawler cranes, forklifts, excavators,wheel loaders, road rollers etc. Most of them were originally from China.

Q4. What is your payment?

A: Payment is negotiable (T/T,western union etc)

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