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XCMG Australia R&D Center Was Officially Unveiled

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  Recently, XCMG Australia R&D Center was officially unveiled in Perth, Western Australia.


  Liu Jiansen, Vice President of XCMG Machinery, Shan Zenghai, Vice President and Chief Engineer of XCMG Machinery, Doug, founder of Brooks, He Minghu, General Manager of XCMG Oceania Region, etc. witnessed this important moment and started cooperation.

  As a new member of XCMG's global collaborative R&D team, XCMG Australia R&D Center focuses on the "five modernizations" transformation and upgrading and the main internationalization strategy, focusing on the R&D and innovation of mining and construction machinery products, and fully supporting product localization and global customer needs.

  "The establishment of XCMG's Australian R&D center marks another solid step taken by XCMG on its journey to create a more open and innovative internationalization." Liu Jiansen pointed out that this move will greatly enhance XCMG's technology research and development capabilities and market service quality, and provide Australia with and even make greater contributions to the development of the entire South Pacific region.

  At the establishment ceremony, Shan Zenghai elaborated on the "two core tasks" of XCMG Australia's R&D center, to further focus on customer needs, improve the adaptability of products to the Australian market, and provide full life cycle market technical support.

 From "going out", "going in" to "going up", XCMG is making leaps and bounds on the road to global development. From the establishment of the European R&D Center in 2012 to the present, XCMG has formed a global R&D system centered on "Xuzhou, Jiangsu", the capital of Chinese construction machinery, supported by overseas R&D centers, and covering overseas high-end markets.

 Riding the long wind and breaking thousands of miles of waves. In the future, XCMG Australia R&D Center will actively respond to the needs of environmental protection and sustainable development, face the market and customers, explore high-end, intelligent, and green core technology fields, and promote the continuous upgrading of XCMG products and services.

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