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XCMG Complete Emergency Rescue Equipment Appears at The 2023 China International Fire Expo

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On October 10th, the 20th China International Fire Equipment Technology Exchange Exhibition with the theme of "Supporting Industrial Development and Serving Fire Rescue" opened in Beijing today.

As one of the three largest, most comprehensive, and most influential fire protection exhibitions in the world, this year's fire protection exhibition has attracted more than 1000 fire equipment manufacturers, testing institutions, and research units from more than 40 countries and regions around the world to participate, with a total exhibition area of over 140000 square meters.

XCMG unveiled 16 emergency rescue equipment and 1 simulated combat training device at the exhibition, fully showcasing XCMG's outstanding advantages in international advanced level, complete sets, and intelligent emergency rescue equipment, showcasing XCMG's powerful rescue energy and ultimate craftsmanship to the world.

Keep up with the needs of the times

Faced with the new mission and requirements of the national "comprehensive emergency response", combined with the research results of natural disaster rescue and rescue in China, such as geology and floods, as well as the latest requirements for industrialization and urbanization rescue and rescue. At this year's exhibition, XCMG accurately divided the equipment system and highlighted the two major sectors of urban fire protection and natural disasters


According to the needs of different tasks, XCMG actively responded to the five application scenarios of high-rise rescue, industrial fire, flood disaster, geological disaster and forest fire fighting, created different types of packaged equipment clusters, and brought "sophisticated" products such as the self-contained technical platform of compressed air foam system, waterlogging drainage and rescue equipment, geological rescue equipment, unmanned technical equipment, and simulated combat training devices, We have achieved the combination operation and precise empowerment of emergency rescue equipment, striving to exert greater rescue support and support capabilities.


Independent technological breakthroughs

On the day of the opening ceremony, XCMG launched two fire truck products. Among them, the DG101 high-altitude platform fire truck, which broke the record for the fifth time as the "highest in Asia", integrates XCMG's five core technologies and comprehensively upgrades in arm strength, telescopic efficiency, micro movement, and safety.


The other one is the YT42G1 40 meter straight curved arm ladder fire truck, which fills the gap in China's 40 meter straight curved arm ladder products. The ultra-high climbing boom, combined with an unprecedented 4.9 meter curved arm length, contributes XCMG's strength to solving the "last meter" of high-altitude rescue.


In addition, two equipment of XCMG JP21G2 compressed air foam lift fire truck and parent type large flow drainage rescue vehicle PS50F were selected as "innovative products" by China Fire Protection Association, showing their comprehensive strength.





Over the years, XCMG has focused on industrial challenges and advanced its layout of cutting-edge technologies, with a focus on breaking through more than 20 key technologies in six areas: high-altitude rescue, high-pressure firefighting, intelligent control, efficient drainage, multifunctional rescue, and safety protection. Many of these technologies have been pioneered domestically or internationally, achieving industry-leading levels.


In addition, XCMG relies on the collaborative research and development model of industry university research and application, collaborates with well-known domestic universities, research institutes, and multiple provincial fire rescue teams in the professional field, collaborates with upstream enterprises in the industrial chain, develops a series of core components, and widely promotes their application in products, significantly improving equipment operation performance and scene adaptability.

"Intelligence" empowers innovation

With the wave of digital technology and artificial intelligence sweeping across the world, how to empower the development of the industry through digital and technological means has become the unchanging mission pursuit of XCMG's emergency rescue industry.


At this exhibition, four intelligent digital emergency rescue equipment, including the RXR-M80D-20 tracked elevating firefighting robot, XUV25 companion robot, BG60 water hose laying robot, and RXR-Q150D-CX suction robot, covering multiple fields such as firefighting, drainage, and geological disasters, have become "new favorites" in the exhibition hall


Suction robot

In addition, XCMG combines the actual needs of rescue team skill training with various technological means such as 3D interaction, virtual reality, six degree of freedom motion platform, automated behavior monitoring, data analysis, etc. to create a new generation of fire truck practical training equipment, solve the problem that traditional training cannot achieve real scene exercises, greatly improve training and learning efficiency, ensure the safety of rescue personnel, and achieve technology to protect lives, Fully empower the development of the rescue industry.+


The on-site visitors, through high-tech means such as 3D virtual reality, have been brought into the real scene of fire training by practical training devices, fully immersing themselves in the intense fire "combat".

It is reported that the "Steel Mantis" from the movie "Wandering Earth 2" also made an appearance at this exhibition, fully demonstrating the technological strength and cultural vitality of domestically produced cutting-edge equipment, along with other high-end technology products.

XCMG will continue to provide safe, fast, intelligent, and efficient firefighting and rescue equipment to global users with the gold standard of leading technology and the childlike heart of serving the country. We will assist in the development and progress of the industry, fully build a solid defense line for disaster prevention, reduction, and relief, and contribute our wisdom to promoting Chinese products to the world!

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