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XCMG International Business Headquarters And The 14th Global Region Established!

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On December 28th, the XCMG International Business Headquarters and the Global Fourteen Regions Establishment Promotion Conference were grandly held. Yang Dongsheng, Chairman and Party Secretary of XCMG Group and XCMG Machinery, as well as relevant leaders of the company and various units, and representatives of over a thousand overseas employees, participated in 16 global sub venues online and offline to witness the historic moment of XCMG's internationalization system transformation and leapfrog development.


At the meeting, Lu Chuan, President and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of XCMG Machinery, read out the "Notice on Establishing XCMG International Business Headquarters and Overseas Regions". Li Ge, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Trade Union, and Yu Hongyu, Vice President, respectively read out relevant appointment documents. Liu Jiansen, Vice President and Party Committee Member of XCMG Machinery, presided over the meeting.


Zhai Kun, General Manager and Party Secretary of XCMG International Business Headquarters, as well as General Manager of Import and Export Company, provided a detailed interpretation of XCMG International Business Headquarters and the strategic plans of the 14th global region.


Chairman Yang Dongsheng presented the flag to the newly established overseas regions one by one, stating that internationalization is the only way for XCMG to cross the industry cycle, build a century old store, and build a world-class enterprise.

Yang Dongsheng proposed the "Five Adherences" for the newly established XCMG International Business Headquarters and overseas regions: adhering to strategic leadership, fully understanding the needs of international business transformation and development; Adhere to goal orientation and strive to create a new development model for international business; Adhere to efficient linkage and accelerate the construction of XCMG's global collaborative operation system; Persist in immersing oneself in the situation and comprehensively stimulate the driving force and vitality of high-quality development; Persist in daring to do good deeds, and strive to climb the industrial Mount Everest step by step.


Yang Dongsheng emphasized the need for unity and collaboration between the upper and lower levels, striving to build a "1+14+N" international operation system, quickly transforming new identities, embracing new changes, learning new methods, forging new capabilities, embarking on a new journey, and making new achievements, promoting the upgrading of the company's internationalization capabilities, and fully exploring a new chapter in XCMG's internationalization!

Change empowers new development, and we are grateful for advancing on a new journey. The soldiers of XCMG who participated in both online and offline meetings were full of fighting spirit and strong vows. They all expressed that they will take this change as an opportunity to deeply focus on the "No.1 Project" of the chairman of the Digital to Digital Alliance, firmly grasp the development initiative, actively integrate into the dual circulation and deepen international cooperation, and take new steps and contribute new strength to the deepening and development of XCMG's internationalization cause!

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